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Charlton TV

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Is it still going? Has anyone ever seen it?


  • it did go incredibly quiet.

    i thought it was only available overseas ?
  • It's not really as exciting as the club made out to be - it's just a deal where a weekly TV show was distributed for stations to use abroad. A PR package more than anything else.

    Every Wednesday, the Charlton Athletic Television presentation will be a three-hour block ofWorld Class Soccer! The first half-hour consists of in-depth game reviews, previews, and interviews with the next two hours dedicated to the weekly match with each half being commercial free! The final half-hour is classic game highlights from the clubs’ extensive archive.
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    Try this link. I can't watch it coz our IT dept block streaming Meedja
  • A couple of weeks ago I was on holiday in Dubai with the girlfriend.

    We checked into our hotel and got to our room, first thing she does is check out the bed, check out the bathroom etc etc, first thing i do is find the remote and see what satellite channels we've got on the tv.

    anyway whilst flicking through I got to a channel called SportsNet, and lo and behold it showed CATV daily.

    Best holiday ever!!!!
  • liar, you were checking for foreign porn, and we all know it.

  • i see your lunchtime babychams have kicked in already!!!
  • avoiding the question is as good as guilty in my book !
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    *hangs head in "self-gratification" shame*
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