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Seb Lewis

Apologies if there is a thread already on this, but having listened to Charlton Live on podcast just now, they mentioned a very special event this Saturday-:

Seb Lewis will be attending his 850 game in a row. I believe this goes back to 1998 since he last missed a game, that is just phenomenal!!

I salute you Seb, I wonder if our endearing owner and CEO knows, they could learn a lot from you mate.




  • Can he do it on a cold Tuesday evening in Stoke Huddersfield?


    Congratulations Seb
  • The last line says it all!!
  • You'd think Katrien would be all over this now she's in a hole.
  • Well done Seb
  • You'd think Katrien would be all over this now she's in a hole.

    Yep put Murray back in the closet and bring out Seb to wave to the fans from the directors box before doing the worm.
  • well done Seb
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  • I think when Seb hits 1000 games they should give him the keys to the valley.

    I'd prefer him in charge with no knowledge as a CEO than her!!
  • I wonder if customer care will be in touch with a celebratory key chain. Amazing support well done Seb, here's to going on to the thousand.
  • Top stuff Seb
  • Legend.
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  • Speak about highs to lows
    Thanks for keeping our away numbers up x
  • That is unbelievable, just brilliant. Well done Seb.
  • Be honest some of the rubbish we've had to watch over the years, but this fella has just kept going, deserves a medal, Seb must have no breaking point.

    If Seb doesn't renew his season ticket then you know things must be bad.
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    Well done Seb , takes some doing , but u need to get yourself a bird mate .

    U AV probably seen more shit than most of us .

    Also good times too.
  • Congratulations Seb!
  • great to hear. Also couldn't have come at a more awkward time for our incompetent owner and inadequate CEO

    could be a great opportunity for KM to do some sort of presentation on the pitch against Blackburn, in what should be a feel good moment honouring a true supporter. But KM can't even issue a press release via the club or external source at the moment. Imagine how bad/funny the reception would be if she took to the pitch to present Seb with something for his efforts now
  • Yes Seb! Top stuff!
  • Well done Seb! keep it up mate - you are excused from all Boycotts :smiley:
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