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Arsenal 2 Charlton 4

14 Years ago on this date, seems light years away at the moment


  • One of my favourite memories. Watched it with my old dad (RIP) who loathed Arsenal with all his considerable fury.

    They were my Grandad's team until they upped sticks and moved when he was 13. Other than my good looks (cough), hating Arsenal is the only thing I inherited from him.

    What a day that was. Not just beating them, but spanking them.
  • My favourite game from our time in the Prem, my second favourite game of all time after the Play Off final, delighted to have been there and pleased it was live on Sky, Alan Parry commentary after the 4th goes in "Arsenal in tatters"
  • My favourite game from our time in the Prem, my second favourite game of all time after the Play Off final, delighted to have been there and pleased it was live on Sky, Alan Parry commentary after the 4th goes in "Arsenal in tatters"

    Same here
  • Well, that's factoring the result as the most important thing. First game back at The Valley was better than both, but the result really didn't matter that much.
  • Further to my comment below... I think its the first 10-minutes of the match that I remember the most, really don't understand how Arsenal weren't about 5-0 ahead and it was just Charlton block / Charlton Save one after the other.

    We got a lucky equaliser and then no doubt a right fluke of a second goal... take nothing away from Charlton though, we absolutely bossed the second half, we fully deserved the two other goals and as mentioned, Arsenal never deserved their penalty and even after getting a goal back they never looked like getting another.

    Remember being at College with an Arsenal fan who was a right prat... Went in that Monday and he claimed we never deserved to win because of Arsenal dominating the first 10-minutes, I went on to say that we deserved it because we scored more goals... His response: That doesn't matter, we were still the better side!!

    Only a few games even rival that as an away day for me and neither are for Footballing reasons:

    Yeovil (1-1): When it poured down with rain, Alex McCarthy (now Palace Goalkeeper) hitting a Goal Kick for a corner
    Carlisle (1-0): Simply up there because we won promotion after such a long journey
    Southend (2-1): Kyle Reid in the last minute to break a seven year jinx of never seeing us win away
    Liverpool (1-0): Shaun Bartlett scoring the winner @ Anfield, my last away win before that Southend win
  • Was my first trip to Highbury. After the first half hour I feared the worse. It is a great example of the game where you need to believe in the team!
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  • Absolutely mad game, we should have been 3 down before we scored.
  • 3 down? More like 5 or 6! :D
  • Remember watching it on Premiership Plus as a 9 year old... Even I could tell we were absolutely battered for that first half an hour.

    How Arsenal only scored two that day, I'll never know.
  • Listen to those boos! Arsenal fans really are the worst
  • I always thought it was on a Saturday @ 3pm that match... Had forgotten it was on the Sunday and on TV
  • Watched it on TV in a pub in Hornchurch and remember thinking "I'll never see this happen again in my lifetime". The way things are going I doubt very much whether we'll ever play Arsenal in the league again, never mind beat them 4 2 on their own ground. Steve Brown was awesome that day.
  • My favourite game from our time in the Prem, my second favourite game of all time after the Play Off final, delighted to have been there and pleased it was live on Sky, Alan Parry commentary after the 4th goes in "Arsenal in tatters"

    Your user name suggests a different game. I'd have Black Sabbath at two, just behind Dennis's last minute heroics.

    Anyway, the 4 2 at Highbury was a phenomenal day out, turning up expecting a routine 2 0 defeat and getting what we got instead is a memory that will never leave me. It was my 26th birthday that day so not a bad gift. (Correct, I'm 40 today and posting on here with a backdrop of All Star Mr and Mrs on the telly thanks to my lovely wife. Rock n roll.) Oh and I've got a box for Saturday's game to celebrate properly. The ten of us have agree to keep the curtains closed throughout. There are curtains aren't there? !
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    We were well and truly under the cosh at the start, but the spell either side of half time was like fantasy football and still hard to believe - and I was there.

    We were still waiting to be let out when CAFC came out for their warm down, Deano looked to all four sides of the ground, grinned at us and shrugged his shoulders as if to say "been there, done that, got the points". Glorious stuff.

  • Just when I thought I couldn't get any more joy out of football, Arsenal go and lose 5-1. Whatever's in the skies above, I thank you!
  • Listened on the radio at work with this bellend of a gooner (by gooner standards... Oh the bellendry). Joyous.
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  • Watched it on pay per view ( remember that?) with two charlton and two Arsenal. They could have been three up before they scored their first goal. A bit of assistance from Richard Wright and the events that unfolded were great to watch.
  • Watched that one round my friends, another Addick, we had our season tickets together for many many years. Anyway, there we were, with a gooner and a couple of United fans. It's safe to say the gooner got a lot of stick that day. He was very vocal initially but he soon went quiet. The rest of us didn't though!

    Good times. Will be a long time until we see matches like that again I fear.
  • Hardy's in Greenwich High Street was full of CAFC.

    Always remember there was one table of Gooner's, who took absolutely pelters before shuffling off as the 4th goal went in.

    Still one of the strangest games you will ever see, because as others have posted, we could easily have been 3 or 4 down after the first twenty minutes.

    The funny thing is, we probably played better when we lost 5-3 there, a couple of years before!
  • Was there, front row, sons first away game at 5yo.
    Shit Im stuggling to take my 3 yo to his first home game at the moment let alone thinking of taking him to an away game.

    Great day out considering we travelled to and from with a gooner pal and his son.

    Aside from the Jensen usual class act, Parker was awesome that day imo.
  • Was at work all day and got home about 5. I usually put the remote up to see how many the oppositon score before reveiling ours. When i saw 2 to then i thought well that wasnt too bad...then i saw 4 and went ballistic.

    One thing that pissed me off was afterwards when sky were analysing the goals. how critical they were at Arsenals defence when Browny got the header.

    But of course when Tony Adams used to do the same they were always great goals and un-defendable.

    How bloody times have changed.
  • Great memories of this game. It was on pay per view, my father in law is a gloating Arsenal fan(of the armchair variety).
    He invited me over to watch the game, confident that it would be awkward for me.
    But being the better man, i kindly accepted, drank his beer, ate his lunch.
    It all went silent after 35 minutes, and he couldn't wait for me to leave at the end.
    The next day I took a picture of the Highbury scoreboard from the newspaper and made a coffee cup mat for him.

    He don't invite me round much these days.

    Two results in one!
  • Something the clowns running CAFC can't take away from us, nor I suspect, ever repeat.
  • Watched it on pay per view (£7), on my own at home. When the first goal went in, the commentator (on the PPV channel) said something like, "and now, surely, the floodgates will open". I said out loud, "yeah? We'll see, shall we?"

    By the end of the match I couldn't help thinking that £7 was a bit cheap for a game like that.
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