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Bay City Rollers To Reform

Wife all over this like a rash saying she must get tickets. I've told her that, at 52 (today actually), she needs to grow up and stop acting like some sort of adolescent teenager.

What do I do if she finds my tartan Charlton scarf though?


  • Gray city rollers.
  • Yep I heard that as well, was bad enough first time round, I sure they'll do well out of it.
  • Bye bye baby!
  • Playing at The Orchard Dartford in the next week or so.
  • valleyfan said:

    Playing at The Orchard Dartford in the next week or so.

    I believe it happened on Monday but only contained Les McKeown from the original line up. The re-formed band will have three of the original five.

    Not that I know much about the Rollers of course.
  • Have they learnt to play now!
    Were there records not made by session players. Not that they were the exception!
    Thought they disliked each other, but I guess the money overcame those artistic differences.
  • Ran out of money presumably.
  • Ran out of money presumably.

    They never had any according to the Rollers. It was their manager, Tom Paton, who took all the royalties:

    Last night, the tradition of not speaking ill of the dead was trumped by the
    rock 'n' roll feud. Les McKeown, the former singer with the Bay City
    Rollers, hit out at Paton, describing him as a "tyrant despot" and

    The controversial manager, who was convicted of sexual offences against
    teenage boys and fined after police discovered a massive stash of cannabis
    at his mansion in 2007, was described by McKeown yesterday as "the beast of
    Kellerstain". In a hard-hitting e-mail to The Scotsman, who had requested a
    comment about Paton, the singer replied: "The Scottish people can sleep well
    knowing the beast of Kellerstain is dead.

    "The parents and children can feel safer as one more predator is off the
    streets," he wrote.

    "All the thousands (of] people that have been affected by his devastating
    reign of drugs, terror and abuse can breathe a sigh of relief. He can no
    longer directly affect our lives. The tyrant despot is dead; long may he
    remain so."

    McKeown stated recently in an interview that Paton had drugged and seduced
    him, an allegation Paton had denied.
  • In the nineties you had to make sure you never paid McKeown up front, he would turn up, ask for his dough, and then disappear down the pub never to be seen again. Even his manager used to tell promoters not to pay him until after the gig, or to pay him direct and he would give it to Les afterwards. That said, he was a very good performer onstage.
  • Their manager used to live in Dartford...
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  • I presume the drummer is not involved .....
  • MrOneLung said:

    I presume the drummer is not involved ..... the re-formed group - no but his brother is.
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