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General things that confuse you



  • Non-alcoholic beer.
  • Facebook language! In conversation. You must have to be a face booker to understand what the hell they are on about!

  • Rustlers range of microwavable 'food' products. Whatever they are, they're not food.
  • Plastic left wing militants in well paid public sector jobs
  • brogib said:

    Plastic left wing militants in well paid public sector jobs

    Surely they're more annoying than confusing?!?
  • More confusing to me tbh
  • The jokes thread. Stats are that it will have had over 1 million views before long. Wow that sounds a lot! More than the Millwall relegation watch and the General Election threads combined.
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  • How anyone can not like cheese!!
  • Bayern Munich missing all their 4 penaltys tonight.
  • Why anyone who looks at an iPhone 6's spec sheet concludes: "yep, that's good value, better pay £40+ a month for that".
  • MrOneLung said:

    People who watch musicians who download child pornography.

    Research did he get away with that one?!?

  • - The popularity of that Kardashian programme.

    I can reassure you on that one. It isn't popular - it's just that certain magazines for the dumb give that impression.

    The last BARB figures I could find said the MOST popular episode in a week in March had 222k viewers. To put that into context, 281,000 people watched a repeat of a 2003 programme - Medieval Dead - on Yesterday.

    Mind you 222,000 morons is still a lot of morons.

  • Unfortunately people still buy those magazines.

    And I'm guessing that's Britain, how about the US?

    222,000 still baffles me.
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  • Why, after millions of years of evolution, childbirth is still such an ordeal.
  • Whether to open The General Things That Please You thread or The General Things That Annoy You thread first.
  • Why, whenever I clean the flat-roof on our extension do I always find a rusty screw or rusty nail up there?
  • Internet passwords that have to have a number, a lower case letter, an upper case letter, a non-alphanumeric character and an anagram of a marsupial in them.


  • General relativity is astronomically confusing
    General Motors isn't a real general
    General Colin Powell insisted his name was pronounced coe-lin
  • Coe-lin Poe-well
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