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El Classico 21st march

It's a different world from ours. I work as a sales manager for a travel agency in Spain, and occasionally, odd stuff comes across my desk. I get asked from time to time for tickets for the Barcelona Madrid match , but they never go on general sale, you need to be a socio or have well connected Friends.
So imagine my suprise this afternoon when I got an e-mail from Barcelona offering the final tickets for the match. I was excited. I could sell these. So I scanned down the e.mail, and found they include a banqueting option. The cheaper option was 1,400 Euros, and the better seated option at a cool 1,900 euros. Doors open 90 minutes before the match and close an hour afterwards, and the option offers beer, soft drinks, wine and cava, so no tanking up on free mojitos and trying to drink 1,500 euros worth of alcohol in an hour.
And we wonder why we're stuck with network players. At those sort of prices we could buy...... I dunno, but someone good.


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Roland Out!