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Thank you GlassHalfFull

Being a Charlton fan in China has its obvious inconveniences. But there're also some big advantages that supporting other clubs doesn't have. Thanks to Charlton Life, this amazing online community, I've had the privilege of making friends with some of the greatest people in this world (no exaggeration). You may still remember the story I posted on here last February about me realising a lifetime dream with the immense help from Fanny and a few other kind Lifers. Little did I know at that time that there would be another amazing experience for me in merely nine months. This time another Lifer, GlassHalfFull (Alan), followed in Fanny's steps and managed to prepare a 13kg (!!!) box of CAFC programmes, England team magazines and various other souvenirs, and send it all the way from England to China.


To me this is a box of absolute treasures. Back in our PL days, I watched quite a few of our games but only managed to have a couple of them recorded. Besides I didn't have broadband access at home until 2004. So over 50 magazines will surely help me remember those glory days and provide a huge lot of information on the club I didn't know. It is like a sea of CAFC history and knowledge. With these gifts I'm sure the coming winter is going to be once again a season filled with Charlton-themed enjoyment for me.

The time, efforts and money Alan has put into this whole project are simply unimaginable. So I'd like to use this thread to share my joy with other Lifers and thank the gentleman for his incredible kindness and generosity. Of course Alan deserves so much more than just a thank-you thread. Like I've said before, one day I'll travel to The Valley and meet Fanny, Alan and all those who have helped me. To thank you all in person will be the first thing to do when I eventually make it to London.


  • Well done to all who helped.
  • I know I've got all those programmes stashed away in my wardrobe at home but its amazing looking there to see how the Valley Review has evolved over the years
  • We have some outstanding fans :-)
  • It's made me feel so emotional i promise not to be rude to a spanner for at least half an hour.
  • Great stuff. Well done GHF.
  • It's made me feel so emotional i promise not to be rude to a spanner for at least half an hour.

    Half hour is up!!

    Great post and well done to GHF and all the others who make this such a special community and club.
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  • Flight tickets?
    put me down for a tenner.
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    Macronate said:

    nice post but I can't help thinking that you are now angling for us to have a whip-round to get you flight tickets for your visit to London :)

    I'd quite happily donate to that.
    Might be ambitious, but I think we could make it happen. Not sure if Jessie has seen the team play but it probably wouldn't take too much if lots of people chipped in. I just hope that seeing them play in the flesh wouldn't put her off! Joking aside, this thread shows what a great club this is. I don't think this would happen at Man U or Arsenal and I'd be very happy to chip in.

  • Many thanks to all for the kind comments and interest. I fully agree it would be great if Jessie could be brought over - anyone got a good airline contact?
  • Fantastic thread. Lovely gesture @GlassHalfFull!
  • Great idea GHF. I am saving my collection for a youngster who might be as enthusiastic as I was, although clearly Jessie qualifies on that account. I would also happily chip in to help Jessie realise the dream most of us take for granted. We really do need that donate button on this site......
  • Flight tickets?
    put me down for a tenner.

    Me too.

    does Jessie need a visa to come over ?

  • More kind words - thanks so much. Fanny - that will take some living up to, but it would be great if we can keep things on the move. I'm sure if we really put our minds to it .... We are MANY, we are ONE.

    Every season is different, every season is special, but for me Bournemouth here on 2nd May will be my diamond jubilee. Maybe we can really make it a party ....
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  • Well done GHF, Fanny et al.

    I'd chip in a bit to help Jessie get to The Valley too.
  • You all are awesome.

    Well done.
  • Brilliant.
    Well done #Fanny & #GlassHalfFull.
    The people on this site are terrific.
  • Donate airmiles.

  • Many thanks again for all the nice comments.

    It would be remiss of me not to give further credits, as follows: my son's girlfriend Caroline, who was a tremendous help with the packaging (everything arrived in perfect condition); the really helpful ladies at the courier firm Transglobal Express (recommended on here), and UPS - super service.
  • You're a good man GHF
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