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Charlton Players on Twitter

edited July 2014 in General Charlton
Most have now been Verified, The Unverified ones are still the players account just not verified by Twitter, but it is them
Will update when new players sign, if I have missed anyone just add them

Charlton Life - @CharltonLife (Verified)
Nick Pope- @Popey1992 (Verified)
Dillon Phillips- @Dillon_Phillips (Unverified)
Chris Solly- @cjsolly (Verified)
Lawrie Wilson- @Lawrie_Wilson (Verified)
Harry Lennon- @HLennon94 (Verified)
Morgan Fox- @MA_Fox (Verified)
Johann Gudmundsson- @Gudmundsson7 (Unverified)
Callum Harriott- @Cally_messi (Verified)
Jordan Cousins- @jordancousins94 (Verified)
Johnnie Jackson- @johnnie_jackson (Verified)
Tariq Holmes-Dennis- @Tareiq395 (Unverified)
Jack Munns- @jack_munns (Unverified)
Kadell Daniel- @KadsDaniel (Unverified)
Reza Ghoochannejhad - @gh_reza (Verified)
simon church- @churchy18 (Verified)
Piotr Parzyszek- @PiotrP30 (Verified)
Joe Piggot- @piggy_35 (Unverified)
Tobi Sho-Silva @TSho_Silva (Unverified)
Zak Ansah- @ZakAnsah (Unverified)
Igor Vetokele- @IgorVetokele (Verified)

Youth Team
Rhys Browne- @rhysbrowne1 (Unverified)
Kurtis Cumberbatch- @Kurtis_Benji (Unverified)
Terrell Thomas- @Tete_Thomas5 (Unverified)
Calvin kennedy- @calvinkennedy97 (Unverified)
Mikhail Kennedy- @MikhailKennedy (Unverified)
Dimitar Mitov- @22Mitov (Unverified)
Karlan Ahearne-Grant- @karlanGrant97 (Unverified)
Archie Edwards- @archie3_ (Unverified)


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