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Season Tickets (wahey, it's back)

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Any one know when season tickets start to be sent out?


  • End of July beginning of August .
  • Riga dropped mine of on route to Blackpool
  • Poyet's got mine says he will deliver it but as yet not sure who to.
  • Poyet is dropping mine off on his way to Dover to catch the ferry.
  • I've got mine but I really support Crewe Alexandria so this might not be relevant to your enquiry.

    See ya at Gresty Road!
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  • What's a season ticket?
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    Mine was faded and curling up the corners, so it's being recovered and having some fresh paint on it.

    Oh, and they're repairing the hole to stop my pocket getting wet in the winter.

    I expect it will still be delivered with pigeon shit on it though.
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  • Well Hayden Mullins has been bringing mine for the past twelve seasons, so why change now.
  • MSE7 was meant to deliver mine, but he's been kettled in A Block & it ain't gonna happen.
  • Hamer paused to take a rest on my garden bench before delivering mine.

    he hasn't got up from it since.
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    @AFKABartram‌ was going to post mine but didn't have enough money for the stamp. He was a little short
  • Peeters said he will encourage one of the youngsters to deliver mine!
  • Ive been sent a Season Ticket for Saint Truden rather than Charlton... and we thought it was the players that were part of the feeder club, how wrong we were
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