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Your Top Five......... TV shows you enjoyed as a kid.

Top Five again.

Give me your top five favourite TV shows you watched as a kid. ( Under 12 years old)

They dont necessarily have to be childrens programmes .

I will compile the Charlton Life top 10 list next week.

Here are mine.


Mr Ben

The Six million Dollar man

Cat weasel




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    The Big Match
    Champion the Wonder Horse
    World of Sport
    Top of the Pops
    Dads Army
  • Six Million Dollar Man
    The Tomorrow People
    Time Tunnel
    Mr Ben
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  • Under 12 eh? Hmm, didn't get our first TV until 1964 when I was 10.
    Better say: -
    Match of the Day
    Star Soccer
    Top of the Pops
    Dr. Who
    Blue Peter
  • Why Dont You
    Grange Hill
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Swap Shop / Saturday Superstore
    The News
  • Noggin the Nogg

    Captain Scarlett


    Blue Peter

    Tales of the Riverbank
  • Cat Weasel
    It's A Knockout
    Blue Peter
    Why Don't You
    The Clangers
  • Rainbow
    He Man
    Wind and Willows
    Cities of Gold

    (you lot above are a bunch of old timers ;) ;) ;)
  • Grange Hill
    The A Team
    Knight Rider
    The Red Hand Gang
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Thomas the Tank Engine
    Bernards Watch
    Squiddly Diddly
    Wacky races
  • Whirlybirds
    Highway Patrol
    Six Five Special
    Hancocks Half Hour
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  • 1. The Magic Boomerang
    2. Stingray
    3. Tales of the Riverbank
    4. Herge's Adventures of Tintin
    5. Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • Rent-a-ghost
    Jamie and his magic torch
    Jossies giants
    Grange hill
    Box of delights
  • Tough one (in no order):

    The Flashing Blade
    Belle and Sebastian
    Star Trek
    Six Million Dollar Man
    Grange Hill
  • Grange Hill
    Blake's 7
    The Goodies
    The Tomorrow people
    Mr Ben
  • Thunderbirds
    Big Match
    Captain Pugwash
    Hector's House
  • Thunderbirds
    Battle of the Planets
    The Goodies
    The Clangers
    It's a Knockout
  • Match of the day
    Teenage mutant ninja turtles
    Ghostbusters cartoon
  • Damn! I forgot to mention Monkey!
  • I never got the fascination with Monkey. My mates loved it though.
  • Cat Weasel
    Top Cat
    Banana Splits
    Please Sir
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  • Round the Twist
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Fun House
    Crystal Maze
    Fresh Prince of Bel-air

    Honourable mentions to Kenan and Kel and The Demon Headmaster

    Bernard's watch gets a mention for the concept, rather than the utterly shite program
  • Knightmare
    Puddle Lane

    Amongst others mentioned here. Knightmare was hands down the best, Friday afternoons. It was rare that people got to level 3 and 4, and when they did, the hobgoblins, that room where the contestant got to take their helmet off, looking in the spyglass, the moving corridor with the blades coming at you & meeting the wizard at the end. I could go on......
  • Thunderbirds
    Star Fleet
    Box of Delights
  • Superstars
    We Are The Champions
    Grange Hill
    Match of the Day
    The Flintstones
  • Round the twist and Are you afraid of the dark.....immense programmes.
  • Magic Roundabout
    Soldier and Me
    The Singing Ringing Tree
    Dr Who
    It's a Knockout
  • Thunderbirds
    Time Tunnel
    Cowboy in Africa
    Grange Hill / Tuckers Luck
  • Banana Splits
    Casey Jones
    Grange Hill
    Captain Scarlet
  • No particular order,

    Doctor Who
    Fireball XL5

  • Grange Hill
    It's a knockout
    We are the Champions
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