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Travelling to New York,Thailand & Italy

Hi all !

I'm looking to move to New York for 2 months (end of this year), then onto Thailand for 3 months then stopping back home then onto Italy for a while ( in which I don't know how long that one is)

As you can tell, I'm keen on travelling, I'm in my mid 20's and for new York I have saved around 8k to help with me out there and will save up more, how much will I need?

I just need advice on anyone that's been out there for this long or any tips? I have have tried a few websites ,some helpful some not , I need help e.g. with visa periods and living costs etc.

I could easily shorten my stay or make It longer if needed, I'm sorted for my stay in Thailand as i have friends out there so accommodation is fine and Italy should be easy

Iam a IT security expert by trade, although IT jobs will be hard out there , Id just grab a part time job out there to help with living costs IF needed if i stayed longer but on my Visa application i assume ill go for IT?

Ladies & Gentleman thanks in advance for any help what so ever.



  • You're on the run, aren't you ?
  • You're on the run, aren't you ?


    secretly I'm visiting the only countries our owner doesn't own a football club in .. yet ;)
  • Don't for get the right tint for your hair ;0)
  • I have no idea about actual living costs in New York but if you've considered a hostel then I recommend The Local NYC. It could work out cheaper and you'd meet new people every night; The Local is probably a lot closer to downtown Manhattan than an 'affordable' apartment would be too.

    Thailand I think I spent about £25 a day when there a couple of years ago. However, that was getting drunk every night. With free accommodation you could eat out every evening and spend less than a tenner per day. Thai visas were/are a bastard, you're best off going on the Lonely Planet forum about that one. For a double entry visa I had to go to the London embassy twice.

    Italy is easy to get around but I'd allow as much money as possible, trains are expensive.
  • £8k won't get you far in New York lad.

    Well not me anyway!! ;-)
  • Can I come?
  • Hard to work in Thailand on a tourist visa my advice marry a Thai lady you will get plenty of offers and watch out for the ladyboys
  • You won't get a temporary worker's visa for the US unless it is sponsored by a prospective employer. And, in theory, you can't work there without a visa. In practice it may be different but I wouldn't rely on it.
    Assuming you are a UK resident and British Citizen, you don't need to worry any more about the visa waiver program (the green form you had to fill in on the flight). Instead, you MUST pre-apply for an ESTA authorisation which costs $14 and lasts for two years. It allows you to travel in the States as a tourist for up to 90 days.
  • thanks guys for all help all taken on board !!
  • new york is sick, expensive, but awesome. Thailand will probably be the cheapest for you. Italy is amazing as well... their women.. oh my god the women... florence is a really nice city, filled with american students but that's not a bad thing is it? :)

    8k will probably last me but i'm a tight git. You can never save too much money, remember.
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  • I hope it gets well soon
  • What a trip, good luck
  • check out, yo
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