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Eltham Green School - 1980 -86 help needed

Anyone on here go to the above school in those years.

I was talking about it at work and said we used to have a PE teacher who used to compete in Britains Strongest Man but I was scoffed at.

I am sure his name was Alan Tanc(K)red or something like that.

Someone please tell me I wasn't imagining it.


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  • Don't know but were you still getting run by Crown Woods in Eltham High St in the 80s?
  • yes curb it certainly did

    Henry - don't be silly
  • ha ha, she's my best mate.
    although she lives in scouseland now.
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    ooh small world.
  • we used to get run by both schools, the maroon blazers made us an easy target.
  • Being an old bloke I obviously wasn't at Eltham Green then. I was friendly with some of the teachers though. Bill and Peter Tancred were both British international discus throwers and shot putters. One of them (Bill I think?) DEFINITELY taught at Eltham Green.

    I also used to work with a guy (Charlton Fan incidentally) who was a pupil then and he told me about Mr Tancred.
  • i went to eltham green from 81-86. peter tancred was the pe teacher. i am sure he represented brittain with discus at the commonwealth games.
    he also reversed into my dads car whilst being dropped off at school, my dad got out 'road rage style', tancred got out. all 6ft something tall, (and about the same wide) of him, i think that was the moment my dad mellowed.
    do you remember the 'tanker special', a punishment involving a slap round the back of the head, a blow to the stomach, followed by a boot up the arse in quick succession at incredible speed.
  • well you certainly wouldnt get the Tanker special these days... mores the pity.
  • Tancred special was legendary. I rememberit well having been on the end of it many times.

    I knew it was Tancred - I knew he did spmething involving strentgh obviously not Britains strongest.

    Phew thank god someone here remembers.

    Eltham Green -good school in them days

    I had Mr Economou as form teacher -
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  • The teachers I knew were Mrs Bobbie Bankhead, Miss Christine Hawkins later Mrs Parry and Angela (can't remember her maiden name!) but became Mrs Hawkins.

    The Charlton fan I knew who was around at that time was called Mark Miles.
  • mrs hart was my first form tutor, then mrs eldridge (an art teacher who was as mad as a box of frogs), then miss perry.
    i was in form 1-9, 2-9 etc
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