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Jeremy Kyle anyone?



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  • Wtf?
  • What a thread. Did the boy ever get Laser Surgery?
  • It's at times like this I ask myself.........What would Eric Cantona do?
  • In the spirit of bumping old classics.
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    The original post was removed but here it is in all it’s glory.
    SHEFFGROW said:

    Firstly I have no gripE with your fans whatsoever I thought they tried their best yesterday despite the fact that your team gave you nothing whatsoever to cheer about,
    One of your players on the other hand is an absolute disgrace, after the match me and my son was walking across the car park where the Charlton team bus was my 12 year old lad kissed his badge on his Sheffield United shirt [Like you would do having just won an FA Cup Quarter Final] to which one of your players Simon Church then proceeded to mock my child by putting his hands to his face mimicking glasses and calling my son four eyes amongst other hand gestures,
    Now anybody can do what they want to me but picking on a child is a different matter.
    Do theses people live in the real word?
    Absolute scumbag
    You as fans deserve far more than these cretins.

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