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Sir Brian May

My mate (Charl'on Buster) sent me this email earlier today, can anyone beat his "Star Spot"!?!

"Just got back from a site in Holland Park, it was the home J.C. Decaux, who owns the billboard company, but thats not important. The point of interest is that he lives next door to Sir Brian May. While i was there he came round to complain about the noise the workmen were making"

Awesome hair.


  • i saw alistair mcgowan yesterday. tall thin and about 4 strands of hair.

    also saw that camp bloke from gimme gimme gimme who is appearing in cabaret the musical. he's shorter and fatter than i thought he would be, and i saw cabaret on a night when he wasn't starring in it, and i'm glad he wasn't in it that night, as they get naked a lot on stage and thats not a nice thought now i've seen him!
  • I saw Dom Jolly yesterday - just as unfunny in the flesh.

    "Sir" Brian May - WFT for?
  • Ricky Gervais regularly jogs past my office.
  • ha ha, ive been to the ivy once in my life and that camp fella was in there... not that I noticed cos Bob Hoskins was on the table next to him with 6 women... whatta man! gary rhodes was on the other side.

    luckily YTS it wasnt Mrs Brian May that came round... even bigger hair.
  • On the tube next to Steve Punt the other day.
  • i've sat on mrs brian may's lap, when i was 9.
  • Not seen anyone famous since my chat with Chris Kamara at Cheltenham.
  • [cite]Posted By: AppyAddick[/cite]On the tube next to Steve Punt the other day.

    Did he "kick" up a fuss.

    Oh dear.
  • The date: 28th March
    Place: Caffe in West London
    Spot: Lionel from Brush strokes

    Feeling : fxcking great - aparently he was also in a gay program about a vicor... but its all about brush strokes
  • [cite]Posted By: J DOG[/cite]
    ... but its all about brush strokes
    ...and that famous CAFC fan Karl Howman!
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  • edited March 2007
    [cite]Posted By: F-Blocker[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: J DOG[/cite]
    ... but its all about brush strokes
    ...and that famous CAFC fan Karl Howman!

    Who was also in The Long Good Firday.

    My favourtie thread
  • i liked him in party party.
  • "sir" Jacko

    Do you remember Sir elmo ....
  • Last week I walked straight into Kate Moss at the top of Whitehall and completly wiped her out. If the journos had been around it would have made the front pages.

    Surprised she didnt say anything - but then again she did look a bit dazed.

    Serves her right for being such a skinny bint.
  • lololololol
    no you didnt!!

    how does she look close? really spotty and mingy???
  • She was totally dressed down and looked a bit plain .................but I still would :-)
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