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Beckham - how would you reintegrate him/would you?

I'd play him as a right wing back..

Ferd Terry
Becks Cole
Gerrard Lampard
Defoe Crouch


  • Wheres your keeper Razil ??
  • in the goal - wasn't gonna play becks there...

  • Aha now i get ya, you going to use parker or hargreaves aint ya !!!!
  • Oh, for FFS!!! Will people please get over this total gobshite Bring Back Becks nonsense that is going around the joint?

    For fecks sake, the bloke had 10 years in an England shirt and at every major tournament he was average at best.

    If Paul Gascoigne had been born with a brain in his head then, quite honestly, people would have seen Beckham for the sideshow he really is.

    This is SUCH an English thing to fall on hard times and say, "Oh, lets bring back someone good from the past."

    What we SHOULD be saying is, "Right, who's next?" Sure, these are rough times but bringing back Beckham is a nonsense especially when the guy has effectively thrown in the towel by signing for MLS.

    So, quite honestly, the nearest I would put Beckham to the England side is in the commentary box - with the sound muted.
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    Still one of the best passers in the game, and crossers, and dead ball specialists. Agree however that no-one should play if out of form, but contrast him with the current rabble..

    PS Mr Half empty, you been taking funny pills this morning - they aren't working.....

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    I'd have him as player/manager.
    The thing the Enlgand team lacked more than anything else in these last two games was David Beckham.
    I really do not understand peoples problem with him, jealousy I'd say. It became fashionable to slag him off over the past few years. The likes of Alan Green did his best along with some of the press to get rid of him. McClaren bowed to their "superior " knowledege.
    We have a shed load of mediocre players in this country and everyone wants to pick on the few that are any good, Becks and Rooney for example.
  • I think people slate him because he was a permanent fixture regardless of form. As for player manager, don't you need a few more braincells for that? OK maybe not, but you do need focus, and his would be elsewhere - like getting his eyebrows waxed or something..
  • Oh, please, come on. How is Beckham anything other than just another "mediocre player?"

    Ferguson was bang on to get rid of him when he did because he was no longer able to compensate for his lack of penetration with a very high fitness level.

    I mean, come on, the GREAT players take a game by the neck and shape its outcome (like Gazza v Cameroon in the WCQF in 1990) whereas Beckham would contribute the cameo here and there but never RUN the game against decent opposition.

    He is history and he knows it , PLEASE, lets move on.
  • He's not the same type of player as Gazza, but still has been a match winner on various occasions.

    I got the impression he left Manu for other reasons to be honest, less about football.
  • blimey ormiston he did ask how or "would you?".

    its friday night - surely you should be a little more mellow knocking the froth off some cold ones.
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  • Thanks..

  • i get the impression ormiston's not a beckham fan;-)
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]i get the impression ormiston's not a beckham fan;-)
    Yeah and people like him are just not worth trying to reason with.
  • I like Beckham, unfortunately he is probably a squad player at best now.
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