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The Long Good Friday

Love that film - watched it again on Film 4 last night.

"Colin wouldn't hurt a fly ....... well, ....... only when it was necessary - and even then it was always clean".

British cinema GOLD!


  • I thought it was great- seen it a few times but is getting a little dated now.
  • I don't think it's dated and for its day it was a very brave film to be made especially with the IRA plot.

    Fave quote:

    'That's not a shooter is it Harold?'

    'Oh don't be silly Billy, would I come hunting for you with my fingers?'
  • I don't think it's dated badly at all,

    "Is he ok? Well apart from his arsehole being about 50 yards from his brains and the choirboys palying hunt the thimble for the rest of him, yeah I'd say he's ok"
  • it'll be a nice long good friday going up to manchester by coach next week as well...
  • It's a diabolical F**king liberty!
  • IMO the second best British gangster film ever after Get Carter.
    Simply wonderful, so many faces, so many great lines. Many that my mates and I still use today.
    Proves you can have a superb soundtrack without using popular songs. Great screenplay from Barry Keefe. He lived in Greenwich at the time and banked at Barclay's Trafalgar Road where I worked. Paul Barber who played Errol "The Ponce" from Brixton (Denzil in OFAH) had an account their too. Cashed plenty of his cheques.
    I have it on VHS and twice on DVD, one being a remastered special one I won on Stuart Maconies Betamax challenge. I still watched it on Film 4 last night and the last hour again on Film4 +......well Mrs Chirps was out!
  • Mrs JW will only watch the last Minute or so, she believes Pierce Brosnan's grin to be the sexiest thing any man ever has ever done! Sad I know but the poor cow has lived with me for the last twenty odd years so has very little to compare with.
  • Only Layer Cake has come close in my eyes
  • The Mafia?
    I shit 'em!
  • I'm going into business with a German outfit - yeah, that's right, the Krauts. At least they've got bottle.
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  • What a classic scene!!
  • And of course also featured Charlton's celebrity fan Karl "Flash" Howman.
  • we talked about this a few months back as it was the first time i had seen it. How awful was the acting from the male nurse out of casualty. shocking... but great film.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]we talked about this a few months back as it was the first time i had seen it. How awful was the acting from the male nurse out of casualty. shocking... but great film.

    I reckon it was good acting. He was playing the part of a someone who had shafted London's biggest criminal and crapping himself every minute. I think that's sort of Method acting.....
  • [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]And of course also featured Charlton's celebrity fan Karl "Flash" Howman.

    Not to mention "Kaffy" from Eastenders and Sgt Harper from "Sharpe" (he turns over Colin in the showers with "chutney" Pierce!)
  • Bob Hoskins was brilliant. I also loved the final scene and the look on his face. Definitely one of my top ten favourites.
  • Finally opened my 25th Anniversary edition last night. Three discs. The film, the soundtrack and a disc of extras including the actual screenplay on pdf format. I watched the "making of" documentary. It was very good, interviews with director, producer and Hoskins, Mirren and Piers Brosnon.
    Despite having a very small non talking part Brosnon was very proud of the film, his first, as were the other two actors featured.
    I'll probably watch the movie again tonight!
  • 'The only good grass, is the one that grasses to me'

    Film was 'based' loosely on Freddie Foreman.

    Met Barry Keefe. Loved a drink. A bit too much...

    He was tennis partners with Roland Gift outta Fine Young Cannibals.

    As you do.
  • The Casualty guy was awful!!
  • Helen Mirren looked great though
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  • It's on again tonight. C4.
  • Watching it now mate. Love that film!
  • "A little bit more than a hotdog - you know what I mean?"
  • shut up you piece of paralysed piss
  • the henchemen in the cooler when they have them strung up,no one of them through eltham boxing,mickey ould,and one of the boozers was a downham pub,my waters.beat that
  • It's your decision, frostbite or verbals - one of the two.
  • harold shand,should have done a deal
  • All this over five poxy grand?
  • the only british gangster film,mona lisa get carter,not a patch on it.
  • before i go best american gangster film goodfellas,what am i a clown do i amuse you off it!
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