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McClaren- Again!

Did you hear his reaction to being asked whether he'd considered resigning?

The most pathetic false laugh I have ever heard. The bloke is just too awful for words.
Lee Dixon pulled him to bits tonight on 5Live. John Scales had a right go too on Sky this afternoon. He was putting the case forward for the prosecution with McClaren accused as "The worst ever"!


  • McLaren is a great manager and we will win Euro 2008 FACT
  • I can't believe in his press conference he said 'we've lost a game we should have won' and the FA guy had to nudge him and tell him we'd actually drawn!!
  • That's cos he is a great manager and anything other than a win is a defeat to him. We're on the march with McClaren's army.
  • I'm surprised that if he had the balls to drop Beckham from the squad, why he hasn't got the balls to put either Lampard or Gerrard on the bench.
  • Dumping Backham was a sop to the vastly over-rated Lumpolard and "Stevie G". McClaren's a moron.
  • No one in their right mind anyway would take that poisoned challice on anyway.
  • Time to face facts - we just ain't that good, clearly.
  • he is unbeaten at wembley though.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]No one in their right mind anyway would take that poisoned challice on anyway.

    I disagree. I think there would be a number of managers willing to become England manager.
  • Yeh i can imagine Curbishley, Allardyce and all those other great england managers in waiting are probably thinking over their cornflakes this morning while looking at the vitriolic back pages of the tabloids about one of their own - there but for the grace of god.. etc.

    rotten job.
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  • I wanted to smash his face in when he laughed off the resigning questions yesterday, cause the answer was so disrepectful.

    Loads of people obessed about getting an English Manager, for the England team, when there was planly no one good enough for the job, and this has been shown up now.

    I'll go for Capello in the summer before the 4 games at Wembley, Mourinho would be the dream, but it won't happen
  • 'Reasonably' well paid though? Not too different from being a top Premiership manager? (look at Les Reids treatment)

    Truth is the England job, with its high expectations and 'limited' pool of talent, is a pretty serious test of a manager's talent.
  • He is England's Les Reed
  • [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]He is England's Les Reed

    Exactly! The WRONG appointment. A panic measure when the first choice(s) didn't want the job.
  • The quotes about how many shots on goal yesterday reminded me of how Les used to use Pro Zone to excuse the shit served up at Spurs and such like
  • mcclaren.jpg

    he is just so chummy,i just want to lamp him.
  • "Steve McClaren's Blue and White Army"

    Come on everyone join in.
  • How smug?
  • edited March 2007
    [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]How smug?

  • Its pretty obvious from the outside that Venables and his pals in the press are already "white-anting" McLaren from the inside and paving the way for El Tel to resume the top job. Venables is already letting the world know via the press that none of the current mess is his doing and that McLaren is not taking his advice. I reckon El Tel to come in as caretaker boss for the remainder of the campaign is well on the cards.
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  • I don't reckon El Tel is all there any more. He seemed a bit senile on the telly during the last World Cup. McClaren's still a donut though.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]He is England's Les Reed[/quote]

    Graham Taylor of the new millenium --

    Becks and Lineker - see the resemblence - Taylor hounded Lineker out to pick ALAN SMITH hahaha --

    For Carlton Palmer see Stewart Downing

    For Geoff Thomas - Phil Neville

    Admittedly Taylor's pool of players compared to McLarens was a lot worse but the similarities are there for all to see.
  • Taylor was a poor manager but, to be fair to him, he had three of his best players in Shearer, Gascoigne and Pearce injured for a good chunk of his management of the side. As well as that, Des Walker moved to Italy and had some sort of meltdown where he went from one of the best centre-halves in the world to a shadow of that player in about a year. Mind you, there was still no excuse for picking Gordon Cowans!!!
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