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The Venue: No Sleep Til Oz - 30th March 9pm - 2am

Bands: The Vincents, Notee, Chavie Bowler + DJ

Badger - Your requested attendance - James and Lukie (Chavie Bowler) and Tina's (The Vincents). Hope you can make it.

All are welcome


  • Okay,sounds good to me, would this be the same VENUE where i saw Oasis and Shed 7? Back to old stomping groung then... will be in touch.
    P/s. should i wear something Chavie...
  • I suppose your normal Chav gear will do nicely or is that wicked innit? I should be a good night out. Its been ages since I was last in NX.
  • It's Beeelllveeedeeerrre innit govenor, i'll slum it in NX for a night out, sounds good, let's rock dood?
  • Ah Badger san.

    Tina will be heading to Oz after the gig - early morning flight. Horseworrier will driving so he will be off the sauce on Friday night but he has agreed to drive home first- what a gent! It be great to see ya and chat about Nippon.

    I think Im turning Japenese I really think so!
  • Domo arigato.
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