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A Messi affair

Well the angelic looking worlds greatest player appears to have a naughty side. Tut Tut



  • Surely he could do better ?
  • If he fancies getting away from the attention at Barca, maybe we could take him on loan for a year.
  • Could have been worse, could have been the two fatties.
  • Let's be honest that photo is hardly proof of a major affair is it. She could've just been dancing around him. He doesn't even look interested.
  • I think he's coming up for air.
  • out drinking and the paps have paid some slag to dance as dirty as she can with him, that's my guess.
  • Lay off it.
  • edited July 2013
    The headline below it tells you all you need to know - it's an Argie blab rag equivalent to a low-market 'Hello' - one of the dregs that works for it has paid a Vegas stripper to shove her baps in his face. Even though his mooey is buried in her cleavage, he doesn't exactly look 'into it', does he?
  • The pope looks like he is saying "me next love"
  • Rooney on the other hand
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  • dizzee said:

    Rooney on the other hand

    Stipulation - 60+, blue rinse and takes her teeth out
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