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Arctic Monkeys

Have just been issued with my lucky !!!! pin number for tickets.
How the hell is it lucky when its not for the date/venue i wanted ??
So, if anyone out there wants tickets for Liverpool Acadamy on the 14th April the night before Everton away, let me know.
i've only got until tomorrow night to buy them.


  • can't you make a weekend of it!!! seems like too good an opportunity to miss surely!

    we're going on the thursday night astoria.
  • Could of had a great weekend but got to go to a mates wedding. (who gets married in the football season?)
  • edited March 2007
    [cite]Posted By: Glass half empty[/cite] (who gets married in the football season?)

    I'll tell you who does, JohnboyUK.

    Not content with dragging me out the country for West Ham at home, Man City away is now out the window as well.

    Not impressed.
  • Thats not fair AFKA.
    I hope you made him pay for it in Barca!!!
  • Stay away AFKA, you're good luck out of the country!!
  • I was actually intending on going to this, shame the Deftones gig from tonight got moved to the 14th. Shame really.
  • Think im going to the Friday at the Astoria.

    Making a weekend of it surely would be the way forward.
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