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Chisora fight tonight

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Didn't look good.

Ref was fishy all fight anyway, Del boy offered nothing, was down 3 rounds at least. Scott went down with a nothing looking shot, got counted out on 9. loads of appeared confusion, wasn't hurt at all.

Anyone else see that?

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Scott vs chisora I smell something didn't see no punch land #boxingheads
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  • Why did the American get up at 9.5 when most get up at 8? Seems a bit dodgy.

    Was definitely a punch for the knockdown though, may have been to the back of the head but Malik didn't seem in trouble and was winning anyway.
  • Defo caught him behind the ear , Scott even said so. Looked like he was ok and counted out on nine but when did any fighter ever get to his feet on anything other than the count of eight?

    It was a scrappy old fight anyway , all Scott threw was none damaging jabs and spent most of his time trying to tie Chisora up . Chisora spent the whole fight leaning on him.

    Let's hope the BJ Saunders fight is better.
  • Really don't know why he took so long to get up, maybe Scott wanted out?

    Looking forward to Billy Joe now, so so talented
  • Warren definitely doesn't want the rematch, heading straight back for the payday at the world titles. Even with a win as cheap as that one.
  • Maybe I saw it wrong, but just seemed a bit weird.
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    Anyone see his fight last night? Just watching it back now , another ridiculous stoppage from a ref. Fella wasn't given a chance.

    Even worse is all the commentators on Frank Warren's tv station towing the party line. Pathetic.
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