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Potential new "Therapy Dog" coming this year. :)

Just when AFKA thinks its gone quiet about dogs on here, I'll kick it off again;)
I hope to get a new addition towards the autumn and train him as a Therapy dog the same way Bailey is. But this time I'll have a lot more experience to put into the puppy and likewise will get him around the Upbeats at a very early age (subject to the relevant permissions) anyhow...........Names? Lol
KC name.................. *Prefix* Powell.
Pet name.................. Jackson.
*the prefix is obviously the breeders name, which I've been asked to keep quiet about*
Can anyone come up with better?


  • I have a nephew whose forename is Jaxon: always thought it sound more like a name for a dog rather than a human!
  • Pet name.........................killer
  • Pet name.....Chrissy
  • Went to see our shnauzer pup today ray going to show her once old enough cant wait good luck on your newest family member

  • Pet name.........................killer

    A Therapy dog that will be trained to a standard it can behave in the company of children of all ages a and then call it "Killer"
    Am I missing something?

  • Went to see our shnauzer pup today ray going to show her once old enough cant wait good luck on your newest family member

    D.......when you say "You are going to show her" do you mean you?
    or use a handler?
    If you mean you, get the dog into Ringcraft classes asap.
    The hardest thing to do when showing dogs is to run them without mincing yourself, Sheps are different in that they gait on a long leash as if trying to drag you along. Smaller breeds are alongside you, the lead is taut and around shoulder height in your left hand. Trust me, you'll struggle to look masculine. Lol
    Do what I do, leave it to the experts and you appreciate it more from watching. Mrs Rm shows Bailey for me, but at the bigger opens you will always get handlers available £10/£25 not huge money or maybe the children might take up the challenge.

  • Dansk_Red said:

    Pet name.....Chrissy

    With Powell already part of the KC name it was the pet name I was chasing. "Solly" could be shortened to Sol but I struggled after that.

  • Me mate the breeder is the top breeder in schnauzers and runs the ring craft courses and asked if I was interested I said yes after the last couple of shows we went to and we are going to another at the end of the month

    Looking forward to it she also said if we are showing her then she will pick us the best bitch in the litter

    The pups dad won best in breed in the GB schnauzer club main show last year so from good stock
  • How old's the Puppy (4 weeks)?
  • 3 weeks mate she has 5 bitches and wanted to see if we were going to show like we had discussed and if we were she will ensure that the bitch with most promise is the one we get

    Too early to pick a pup but was great to see them all And know that 1 of the 5 will be ours in the next couple of months
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  • Which type of Schnauzer is it? Dog showing can become addictive, especially if your dog starts to win, I have to juggle showing our West Highland White Terriers and supporting Charlton, saying that I have only missed one home game this season (Bolton) due to showing in Edinburgh which was worth it as we got Best of Breed with a young bitch who has since become a Champion.
  • Standard pepper and salt dansk

    Must admit I really did enjoy going and watching the shows and all that went with it

    Looking forward to it something different to try I suppose

    The breeders dogs are all fantastic looking and you can really tell them from some of the other breeders dogs
  • KC - Sir Christopher of the Valley
    PET- JayJay
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