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RIP Storm Thorgerson

Pink Floyd sleeve designer, it was a pleasure to work with you. Legend and always remembered fondly by many.



  • I can't pretend to be over familiar with him, but all that is great and good, that is a truly awesome name. RIP.
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    Fantastically talented designer, so creative. He will be sorely missed.

  • Knew I recognized that name from somewhere. Always produced incredible and intriguing album artwork. The sort that I would always find myself looking at again and again whenever I pull out a Pink Floyd or Muse record. Spot something new everytime....

  • Truly talented RIP Storm.
  • Did he have a thing for Toblerone chocolate?
  • RIP, after a long battle with illness, rest in peace sir.
  • A true master from a bygone pre digital age where album art was revered. R.I.P
  • Once worked for a company that owned the rights to the coffe table books of great album art covers he'd done - truly amazing stuff!
  • shine on you crazy diamond

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  • Still shocked and sad after the news.

    I joined the repro/print company I work for back in 1987, until about ten years ago our main client was EMI Records, one of their biggest artists, Pink Floyd.

    When Floyd jobs came in, Storm would too. As technology changed we would scan his transparencies at first onto film (as I did for the first few VOTVs), then into an electronic pagemakeup system and eventually into Apple Mac. He was fussy, a perfectionist and a right pain but a fantastic character and you were happy to do the work because it was Storm.

    He was sharp and witty and kind, he bought me in some skin emollient once for some mild eczema (maybe to protect his artwork though!).

    The last time I saw him was at one of his exhibitions near Brick Lane a couple of years back. We had a chat and took his photo with my son.

    A while later I was at a wedding in Holland and was talking to a women who was writing a thesis on rehabilitation from brain tumours. She wanted to use a Storm photo for the cover (tree if half life I believe it's called) and was shocked when I said I knew him. She emailed Storm reciting the story and he let her use it for free.

    I think it's ironic that he died so close to record store day.

    RIP old friend
  • RIP

    A different era, when album sleeves were incredible works of art, and if you wanted an iconic image of a pig floating over Battersea power station, you couldn't photoshop it in!
  • Although I have never heard of him I found your story interesting East Terrace. Thanks for sharing.
  • RIP and interesting obit EastTerrace,

    Very eye catching images even if they were never really my cup of tea.
  • RIP. Great talent.
  • A talented man .. RIP
  • Nice Story EastTerrace.
  • Cheers All, quite a number of ex-work colleagues phoned those of us still there on Friday to talk about his passing. He was very popular!

    Agreed Henry, like Storm's work (have a print up in my house) but don't go mad over it (although always found the concept pretty interesting) and the same with Pink Floyd (aside from Wish You Were Here).
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  • A matter of taste I suppose, but I don't like any of his work.
  • RIP storm
  • Iconic artwork. RIP Storm.
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