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Premiership Top Six?

I'm re-reading the Mick Collins book 'The Rise and Rise of Charlton Athletic' as I got the paperback version for Christmas.
Poignant at times as he goes on and on about us being an established Prem club...

However, the bit that really struck me was he talked about the ever-increasing gap to the top six in the Prem: Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea plus two others. The book was written in 2002. Any guesses re who the other two teams making up the Top Six in Mick's view were?


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    My immediate reaction was Newcastle, but if it was Leeds as well, how the mighty fall!
  • leeds definately
  • I think four seasons ago Leeds game of the season was against Valencia in the semi final of the Champions League.

    This season it is away to Southend, this Saturday, at Roots Hall......
  • I remember reading Robbie Fowlers book and him saying at the time of Liverpool, there were two clubs in for him, Chelsea and Leeds.

    Everyone in football knew Chelsea were on the verge of going bust and players not getting paid, while Leeds were the club on the march. It was a no brainer of a decision.

    Oh dear.....
  • Yep - it was Newcastle and Leeds. Shows just how quickly it can all change for some (apart from the other four admittedly...)
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