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The News Shopper

Sorry to be boring!but why does this rag not give us a big mention anymore? i use to enjoy having my mid week read


  • just seen its one page sports section. A joke.

    Has been well and truely trumpted by the KM and Bexley Times in recent years.
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    Yes AFKA!Real shame it was only a few years back they were all over us! really informative and all that!seem to remember them even commenting on how many away fans we use to take or was that the Mecury mate? The rag seems more interested these days on telling us what poor sod has been mugged or how much property is,just goes to show what a sad society we live in these days!
  • Well mugging is quite big news these days, especially in charlton.
  • i know and dont get me wrong!it is good we are aware of this problem! just very sad that this is always the main feature these days!
  • Did they report the Super Reds mugging of West Ham a couple of weeks ago??
  • Go and ask them!i believe the head office is in orpington
  • Wouldn't wipe my backside with that rag.

    Had dealings with them over a story a few years ago that put a client in danger.
  • yes and the pub spy slagged my old local off! mind you he had a point
  • All you need to know is on here anyway,why wait for a free local rag,only allowed to print what they are given. Drip feed detail.
  • Wow, Orpington is now firmly on the map!! Thanks Tavern - I'll have to find where they live and go and brow beat them into writing decent reports on CAFC and forgetting about Palarse and Millwall.
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  • Petts Wood, at the end of the high St.

    Strange paper. Wouldn't reply to any of my messages over the last year and suddenly did a piece on the Supporters' Director which was a cut and paste from other, much older, articles.
  • My mistake!thought it was orpington
  • Petts Wood eh? Nearly Orpington - probably class themselves as the posh end of Orp in any case...

    Good Sushi takeaway in Petts Wood...
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    As Henry says, it's a very odd paper indeed, and owned by an American group that pays its staff peanuts, even by local paper standards. It's also madly over-stretched by publishing so many editions - it stretches from New Cross to beyond Swanley - when it should really stick to its Orpington/Bromley/Sidcup heartland.

    It's probably decided it can't afford to run football stuff (their deadline must be Monday at the very latest so weekend stuff is tough for them), or perhaps CAFC has just stopped sending it press releases.

    I wouldn't wipe my arse with a copy either, but then it hasn't been delievered to my place in years.
  • I wiped my arse with some leaves in Castle Woods one Halloween when I got caught short after having 9 pints of Directors in The Red Lion Shooters Hill.
    Couldn't find a News Shopper anywhere.
  • I've noticed this in recent weeks. Used to have at least 3 pages of sports stuff but now it's just 1 page with links saying 'go to our website to find out more'. As AFKA said the KM and Bexley times are much better and they have weekly columns from Henry in one, Rick Everitt in the other plus Ambrose does a column in one. Good coverage of Welling plus the Kent league in both papers as well.
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