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Dive ! Dive ! Dive ! - Watford's Fernando Forestieri

Yeah , i'm sure he had the wrong boots on!


  • I thought this thread was going to be about submarine's...........
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    Hahha , one for Uboat perhaps! :-0
  • wooop wooop wooop

  • Fernando Forestieri: Watford boss Gianfranco Zola defends 'diver'

    Watford boss Gianfranco Zola has insisted Fernando Forestieri is not a diver and has threatened to drop him should he deliberately go to ground.
    The 22-year-old Argentine-born Italian striker was sent off in Tuesday's 2-1 win at Charlton following a booking for simulation.
    Forestieri facts
    Born in Rosario, Argentina on 15 January 1990
    Started his career at Boca Juniors before moving to Italy, where he has played for Genoa and Udinese, as well as a host of loan clubs
    Opted to represent Italy rather than Argentina and has played for the U17s, U19s, U20s and U21s
    One of 10 players to join Watford on loan from Udinese and has made four starts, one sub appearance, scoring once
    "He's quicker and that's why people think he dives - but he doesn't," Zola told BBC Three Counties Radio.
    "I told him he's not going to play if I find out he's diving."
    Zola added: "I don't like that. We want to win games in different ways."
    Forestieri, one of 10 players signed on loan from Italian sister club Udinese this season, has found the net once in his five appearances for the Hornets.
    The attacker, who had supplied the corner for youngster Tommie Holban to open the scoring against the Addicks, was dismissed late in the first half when referee Mike Dean adjudged him to have taken a tumble in the box.
    But Zola said the fall was down to the type of boots Forestieri was wearing and argued the player's pace had seen him labelled as a diver.
    Play media

    "I spoke to Fernando and he said to me he slipped," said the Italian.
    "He always makes the mistake of using the wrong boots. When he played at Huddersfield [last week] he kept slipping in the first half. So he has to improve that.
    "The other team are trying to label him as a diver. The thing is he is quicker than most of the opposition and he gets in front of them.
    "He touches the ball and they put him down. It's as simple as that."
  • Problem is, most referees cannot distinguish between a dive and a foul anymore. It's a lottery and players will continue to do it because they get rewarded every now and again. Cheating a fellow professional is all part of the game now, it will be difficult to eradicate it, especially with numpties like Zola defending a clear dive. What a muppet, does he think we're all stupid?
  • Funny that he slipped over in the penalty box. Looked dangerous until he 'slipped' over.
  • You should have seen the faces on the gathered hacks in the press conference when he said that!
  • "But Zola said the fall was down to the type of boots Forestieri was wearing and argued the player's pace had seen him labelled as a diver".

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • I'd be worried if we had players wearing the wrong boots considering the number of coaches we have ready to sort that problem out!

    So I agree it seems like an excuse - Zola has probably done it in his Chelsea days though.

    TBF Our fasn that have seen the highlights admit he did dive....
  • They've been taking lessons from Tom Daley
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  • The blokes a cheat, end of.
  • Even better was the Puddle in the middle of the park....I mean Pudil who slid in on Wilson for the throw in after Wilson had taken his foot away from his legs and then holds his face like he has been bitch slapped. Must be throwing in a few acting lessons with the training.
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  • A cheat perhaps but he looked a good footballer and I was relieved that he got sent off. Not that it helped us to a win. Yes, they were time-wasting (but I've seen us do it) but unlike most people, I was rather impressed by the football skills of many of the Watford players. I reckon they will win more games than us this season.
  • Sorry Zola the bloke is a cheat.I rated you as a player but don't defend the indefensible even Mr Dean who had a nightmare managed to get that decision right.
  • Mike Dean showed why he was reffing in the Championship , and not the Premiership , i think he struggled with the game to be fair.
  • It would be interesting to see what would happen if a big name played dived like that in an important Premiership'd have to hope they'd get the same treatment.
  • Hamer gave him a slap round the head as he was walking off. Love it
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    He did looked like a very good player. It's just a shame the man feels he had to cheat for a living .
  • He looked like a fat matador IMO
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  • And SCP's reaction when put to him that Forestieri's penchant for acrobatics may have something to do with his studs as per Zola "He blamed his studs? Erm, OK. Next question please." The bloke is a cheat, end of. No need for the theatrical every time someone goes within a yard of you and already in the space of two games he's got a bad reputation amongst Huddersfield and Charlton fans. A reputation I don't he'll find easy to rid himself of.
  • And how does Zola explain all the other amateur dramatics all night from Forestieri and his other players when ever they had the chance to perform. As for the excuse! Perhaps Zola is the one who should be looking at himself in the mirror. Watford are going to become very unpopular and damage their previous good reputation if they carry on like this.
  • He looked like a fat matador IMO

    lol made me chuckle
  • Looked a good player but wot a cheating c**k
  • wrong boots? Roller boots perhaps?
  • Here is the dive from the north lower:

  • Reminded me of a fat messi, without the talent
  • To try and pass that off as a slip is unbelievable.

    Zola will lose a lot of friends this year if he keeps defending that sort of thing.

    The ridiculous thing is that he'd actually got past Kerkar!
  • Just watched the hilights on sky and to be fair I think that's a slip ...
  • Just watched the hilights on sky and to be fair I think that's a slip ...

    So just you and Zola then...
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