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Pvc door

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Come home the other day and someone has put a dent in my front door.
Talked to the insurance and the windows company are saying with parts and fitting, it'll be 500 to replace the panel... any ideas if this sounds about right as it seems very high to me


  • Sounds very high, we paid less than £100 to replace a panel a few weeks back. Will find the number of the firm we used if you want.
  • Is it just the panel or is the frame bit dented? Where abouts are you? My mate has a company just doing repairs and I'm sure it'll never cost £500!
  • Just the panel. The door is actually a back door type with a clear glass at the top and square panel at the bottom which is the bit that has been dented in. I'm in thamesmead btw
  • Oh ok, nowhere near Crawley!
    I'm sure he'd be able to talk you through how to do it, I've watched him a few times and it didn't look too hard! He may be able to send you the panel if you measure it up etc etc anyway if you want his phone no. just shout.
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