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St George Groves

Good win for George out in the states last night .

Mexican fella had a big punch or two in him and Groves being cut didn't help but a KO win in the end was inpressive. Nice to see a brit winning out in the states for once as well


  • Didn't even know he was fighting
  • Met him in Bluewater the other week, lovely kid.

  • Good fight ended with a brutal combination from groves.
  • Good performance, lots of British fighters would do well to watch the fights groves is taking. That Mexican journeyman was better than 90% of our domestic field
  • I like groves

    The BBC website doesn't even have him as a top 10 pfp British fighter...
  • To be fair to the bbc the other fighters they have on there have eared their places. Groves will be there before long. He's doing things the right way
  • That was a good performance against a dangerous (if limited) opponent. I like Groves as well. He'll always have a place in my heart after shutting that mug DeGale up. It's heartening to see him take on real fighters as well - and in America to boot. The only problem for him over there is that he hasn't got a style that excites, and is dangerous enough for the best fighters to want to avoid him. Have a horrible feeling he'll end up suckered into a rematch with DeGale and lose it.
  • i worry about that leroy as i think warren favours degale, groves is exciting though and the americans will love his style,also his of irish heritage so they will lap that up also
  • Yeah - Warren knows DeGale's mouth will put my arses on seats, and command more cash from TV. Surprised you think he's 'exciting' - every time I've seen him I've been impressed, but I wouldn't say 'excited'. I know he can land in flurries, but he's never struck me as much of a big puncher - just an excellent craftsman and wily 'thinker'.
  • groves would beat de gale if he fought him again, he was playing a game of chess because degale is dangerous and a southpaw. But warren is in a big dispute with de gale at the minute. I can see de gale going off somewhere else before long
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  • groves is a massive puncher even as a kid he was knocking them over
  • Tell you what nolly the guy Saturday night had a chin, groves hit him with some big big shots and he took em on their own. It was the combos that did him
  • that guy was no mug,groves need to fight more,rumours are mitchell is not putting the effort in,shame a fit mitchell could match up well with burns.
  • Burns will totally outclass him if Mitchell goes in half arsed.

    Shame, proper shame if this is true
  • not sure if it true,his with team tibbs they would not allow it imo
  • Fingers crossed its bullshit then should be a good un if they are both 100%
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