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Addicks from overseas

Being fairly new to this forum, i have become intrigued of the internationalism? of the Addicks that post on here.Seeing regular postings from fans from Portugal,Spain,US and elsewhere.
I spend a lot of my time in Africa for family reasons, and regard myself almost as an International fan, but maybe you could explain...
1) Where you are residing now, and why/how you are there?
2) Where you come from originally?
3) How many times you get to The Valley on average every season.
4) What is your greatest memory as a Charlton fan?

For the purpose of this thread, lets regard anywhere outside of England as being overseas.!


  • 1) France, after experiencing bad health I decided to move here.

    2) Born and grew up (till about 15) on the Woolwich Road SE7, opposite The Victoria boozer. Then lived in Mottingham, but always knocked around Charlton. (Lower Charlton, NOT Upper Charlton *spits*)

    3) It's only my 2nd year living here, but I've been getting back about 3 times a year. I try and meet up with the boys for a beer in the Lib/Cons every time I'm back.

    4) For me, it was a little game in May 1998......... ; )
  • 1) Bermuda. I moved with my job here from Chicago (hence name) in 2008. Left UK in 2003.
    2) Catford but have lived in Kent and Essex.
    3) 6-7
    4) Too many to mention in my 37 years as an Addick
  • 1) Toronto, Canada - Born & Raised
    2) See Above
    3) None, unless im over there but ive been to a few must be 6 years ago now. Time flies.
    4) Gotta narrow it down to one, hard, go with most recent and promotion.
  • 1) Canberra, Australia. Fiancee is from here and had enough of the cold dark wet London winters so we moved here in December. I have since found out that Canberra winters are colder and it still gets dark at 4.30 pm!
    2) Belvedere & Bexleyheath but lived in Lansdowne Lane, SE7 overlooking The Valley for 10 years or so.
    3) Last match was Carlisle in the FA Cup 2nd Round. I can't see me returning for a couple of years or so.
    4) There have been loads of great times and bad times but now reflecting from overseas they have all amalgamated into the best times of my life. The moment that stands out the most would be 5th December 1992. What a day.
  • 1) Perth, Western Australia, arrived on the Gold Coast of Oz in 93, on a 1 year working visa. Didn't leave!
    2) St Mary Cray, Kent
    3) Got to 3 games this season, hadn't been back to the UK for over 7 years before that.
    4) Loved watching us lift the trophy this season, promotion at selhurst is another. Missed the playoff final in 98 :-(
  • 1. Phuket, Thailand, running a guesthouse. Originally left London for Bangkok for a change in lifestyle.
    2. Camberwell.
    3. One game last season, none for the previous two.
    4. Probably Wembley 1998 but plenty of others.
  • 1) S. Western Ontario, Canada
    2) East Ender, Hamilton, Ontario - 1st generation Canadian; family all hails from Guernsey.
    3) 1st visit this past April 21 (vs. Wycombe) - hurray..! More visits to come...!
    4) April 21, 2012 - what a celebration; first live Charlton match was Oct. 2003 - away at Highbury and a 4-0 drubbing :o(
  • 1) Sydney, I married an Aussie and we felt we would have a better standard of living then in London. Been here for almost 6 years now.
    2) Keston, Kent
    3) I have got back every year for at least 2-3 games so far. However, after the birth of my second child it will perhaps get a little more difficult. He will of course grow up a Charlton fan.
    4) I have been going since the Selhurst days so really one stand out in that time. I believe it was in 98.
  • 1) Urumqi, NW China (the Muslim part). Been here 4 years, but left UK in 2000. Lived in Taiwan for a few years, too. all through work in efl industry.

    2) Grew up in Hayling Island. Surrounded by Pompey and Liverpool (80s) supporters as a kid

    3) I get back for a couple of games every couple of years. So I prolly average 1 per season.

    4) either play-off 98 or 1st game backat Valley vs Pompey ... Although Stevens' late equaliser vs bury this year gave me quite a buzz :)
  • 1) Melbourne. Spent 8 years in London, where I met my wife (Kiwi). We left for NZ for 1 1/2 years. Then Australia (better opportunities here)
    2) Odense, Denmark. Moved to London in 1999. I lived in SE London and decided to support the local team (easy to pick, as it was a choice between the Spanners or Charlton).
    3) I had a season ticket between 2002 and 2007 and went to a few away games too. I've only been back to one game, since I left London in 2007. (the 2-2 draw against Scunthorpe in August 2011.)
    4) Our win against Blackburn (2003/2004) was pretty special. Up 2-0, then they came back and Friedel equalised in the 89th minute, before Jensen got the winner in stoppage time. Never think I've lost it as much I did in that moment.
    Also beating Chelsea in the league cup (2005) was good. Not to forget the 2-0 win against Liverpool on the 10th anniversary of the return to the Valley.
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  • 1) Prince George, BC, Canada. Came here in search of a better life for my wife and kids.
    2) From Ashford, Kent. My dad came from plumstead common and done his apprentiship at Stone's right close to the Valley.
    3) It has been too long...7 years since I attended a game.
    4) Obviously Wembley but others I will mention which will no doubt bring a smiles to many readers faces... Millwall in the snow, Swindon in the rain; the only away game I went to on my own...Portman Road, Leaburn's hatrick with his feet!! But probably the greatest memory as a Charlton fan....sitting in the Horse and Groom with my dad (since passed) drinking a pint and walking to the match with him...special times.
  • We use to go over Stones' sports ground (PC World, Halfords & Comet now I think) and catch stickle-back fish in the flooded tennis courts!
  • 1. Lund, Sweden. Came back home last autumn (shitty timing, I know) to study after two years in London, where I moved for my girlfriend.
    2. Countryside outside Lund, Sweden. Spent two years in SE London (Brockley/NX) and much like for Danepak it wasn't very difficult to choose among the local teams. Plus a friend used to live in Floyd Road.
    3. Went twice my first season and I think four times the second one. Then to Den Bosch pre-season and the Bournemouth game this time around. While in Sweden I expect no more than 1-2 games per year until I move back - and will then look to get a season ticket.
    4. Only been around while we were in League One, so I suppose promotion is nice but doesn't have the same meaning to me as to most of yous. Chris Powell's first game as manager was a great experience though, awesome atmosphere.
  • 1. Orihuela Costa, Spain.
    2. Job.
    3. 3 times last season.
    4. 1998 wembley final
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    Love/better life/Melbourne f ing amazing
  • 1 Netherlands
    2 Work
    3 6 times last season including last game against Hartlepool
    4 5th December 1992, but a packed Valley and trophy presentation on 5 May also sent a tingle down the spine and a few tears!!
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    Baltimore, Maryland. USA. Recruited by US company in 1972.
    Grew up Forest Hill, Westerham and Ashford, Kent.
    Rarely, hard to take time off during season.
    7-6 win over Huddersfield, 1957.
  • 1) Luxembourg, better job prospects, etc.
    2) Blackheath.
    3) 2 - 3 times.
    4) Play-off final at Wembley.

  • 1. Prague since 1992. Wasnt married, had made friends in CEE during 87-91, and thought it would be exciting to move out here. Allegedly for professional reasons
    2. Eltham until I left for uni in bloody Portsmouth
    3. 5-6 times a year, though this season it was 4+2 away games
    4. The whole Valley Party thing and the first game back at The Valley, the weekend before I left for Prague. Wembley 98 as a game though.
  • 1. St. Georges, Bermuda since 1994. Met wife, who is Bermudian, the choice was Bexley or Bermuda...............
    2. Bexley Village.
    3. Average 1 game a season. None this year though.
    4. 5th December 1992 HOME to Portsmouth.
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  • 1. Perth, Western Australia. Since Dec' 2008. Came out to work for the electricity company Western Power after years's on the LEB.
    It's not all sunshine and beer here though! Got @ozaddick as a housemate!
    2. Orpington
    3. Between 2-5 games a year, although am due to fly back to Oz before the new season starts. Am back for the Olympics.
    4. Getting back to the valley, and also that May afternoon under the twin towers. As well as a few others, the recent Hartlepool game was magic to be back for. What do they say? Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
  • 1. Atlanta, transfer, moved in April 2011.
    2. Lee SE12
    3. None since I've been here sadly.
    4. The first year in the Premiership was pretty special.
  • 1. bangkok. moved for a better lifestyle
    2. orpington
    3. once a season when i go back to visit
    4. lisbie hat trick!
  • 1. Mandurah, Western Australia
    2. Kidbrooke Estate- loved it.
    3. As many times as possible, when I'm over, but not often enough
    4. Beating Villa 3-2 at home in the same season that they had earlier beaten us 11-2 at their place.
  • Some very interesting comments - thank you all !
    Keep them coming.
    No-one else from Africa yet.!
  • 1) Walnut Creek, California. Work and adventure brought me here.
    2) Shooters Hill and Sidcup
    3) Between 3 and 6
    4) Home v Portsmouth December 1992. Wembley playoff May 1998.
  • In Singapore, previously was in Kuwait been out of UK for 4 yrs
    2) Romford boy born and bred
    3) Try to get to a game every time I come back which is not often, if I come back for Xmas this year then I will take my boy to at least 2.
    4) Far too many, mainly the fun at away games, obviously the Play off final, but also the Leaburn hat trick at portman rd which some already mentioned
  • 1) Sunshine Coast Qld since 2003, before that, Brunei for four years. Got depressed with working conditions in the NHS.
    2) Born Ilford, lived in Ilford/Dagenham/Hornchurch
    3) Come back every xmas and try to take in 5/6 games
    4) Promotions v Preston 75? and of course play off final v Sunderland
  • 1) Sunshine Coast Qld since 2003, before that, Brunei for four years. Got depressed with working
    queensland_addick: Whereabouts do you live on the Sunshine Coast?
    My wife has got family in Diddillibah and Caloundra.
  • 1) Cape Town,since 95, came for a wedding only been home on holiday, now married to a SA girl with 2 lovely girls
    2) born in Forest hill, mum still lives in Sydenham
    3) Was back at Xmas 2010 went to the Southampton game, bought my ticket, got a new scarf and we all know what happened then, bloody referee, gutted. Will be back home next year for a holiday, hopefully we will be premiership by then.
    4) Man U cup quarter final, lousy result but a great day out and the our fans were amazing.
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