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The week that was - Wed 28th Feb '96 Liverpool 2 Charlton 1

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Having beaten Sheffield Wednesday from the Premiership 2-0 and Brentford 3-2 both at The Valley, the Addicks made a midweek journey to Anfield for this rearranged 5th round tie.

F.A. Cup 5th Round Liverpool 2 (1) (Fowler 12, Collymore 59) Charlton Athletic 1 (0) (Grant 87) Anfield Att: 36,818

Liverpool: James, Jones, McAteer, Wright, Babb, Collymore (Rush 79), Barnes, Scales, Thomas, McManaman, Fowler. Unused subs: Harkness, Warner.

Charlton: Salmon, Brown (Grant 60), Stuart, Jones, Rufus, Balmer, Robson, Leaburn, Robinson, Nelson (Newton 78), Bowyer. Unused sub: Ammann.

Referee: Jeff Winter (Stockton on Tees)


  • A cracking day out topped by an excellent goal from Kim Grant at our end. Garry Nelson wrote about Collymore mugging him (in his first book) for Fowlers Goal, though what Garry was doing back towards the Kop end I'll never know.

    I arranged a 76 seater double decker coach from Sevenoaks, sold out within four days and had loads of people nagging me for tickets/travel - my, how times change for these 'big' fixtures now.

    Traffic problems meant we got to our seats spot on kick off - it must have been an amusing site seeing 76 Addicks trotting along Row A of the Anfield Road End right behind the goal.

    Got an official letter from Charlton about a fortnight later saying how naughty we were to have alcohol on board our coach and not to let it happen again. I wrote back and suggested that by the time we hit junction 21A of the M6 there was no alcohol left on board, so what was the problem.

    Never did get a reply.
  • Yeah, I remember that game really well, took my two little cousins up there for their first ever away game and they bloody loved it.

    I will never forget the roar from the Kop when Fowler (at his peak in those days) ghosted in to head in that cross from McAteer, bloody unbelievable noise they made.

    Still, the boys never gave up and, if you look at the team closely, you can see the nucleus of our great promotion team starting to be formed.
  • was this the one where stan boardman got buried by us? grant's goal was quality,rose tinted/beered up but i thought we were unlucky not to get something from the game.
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    Yup, Stan Boardman got slaughtered at halftime. Trying to be the scouse wag, we drowned him out with sarcastic laughing and a chorus of "You're shit, and you know you are!".

    Grants goal was one of the conteders for Goal of the Month. We had a little flurry for the last couple of minutes and a little penalty shout (well I shouted anyway).

    I went on the coach too and got back to Maidstone about 4.00am. A memorable night.

    Anyone know how many we took? I'd guess 3 - 4,000?
  • Blimey that was only 11 years ago and Liverpools entire 14 were british. How things have changed!
  • We had 6,000 up there midweek, cracking night. KIm Grants finest moment.

    College next day was a bit of a blur.
  • i was living in liverpool at the time, i was home in 20 minutes! great evening, my first visit to anfield.
  • When I jumped up to celebrate Kim Grant's goal my car keys must have jumped right out of my pocket. Me and my missus then had to spend 4 hours waiting for the RAC to come and rescue us while we slowly froze to death on a bitterly cold Liverpool night. Finally got home just in time for breakfast and Mrs Red_Pete was not in the slightest bit impressed!!
  • i loved this day, me me ol mate tim went (i only think morts genius and mortain no him) on a coach, i thought we had 5500 up there! I echo the noise they made when they scored, i thought it was well loud, and v funny when we terrorised poor ol Stan! lol
  • I seem to remember reading in one of Garry Nelsons books that he never got to play at Goodison Park (he's an Everton fan) and that Anfield was as close as he could get.

    Playing at grounds like that didn't happen every week for the like of Nels and i remember him coming over over and milking the applause after the game.
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  • t'was my first visit to Anfield & after growing up watching the swinging Kop found the ground a huge disappointment.
    but the Boardman baiting made the trip worthwhile!!!
  • Having beaten Sheffield Wednesday from the Premiership 2-0 and Brentford 3-2................
  • Midweek game due to weather postponement of previous round Minutes silence for Bob Paisley maybe? Was quite near to divide between the two sets of fans and police getting baton heavy after few cross words between the two sets. Defo a good penalty shout at the death. Defender slid in and dragged ball along with arm
  • Blimey that was only 11 years ago and Liverpools entire 14 were british. How things have changed!

    maths not your strong point Chris? :)

  • Taxi_Lad said:

    Blimey that was only 11 years ago and Liverpools entire 14 were british. How things have changed!

    maths not your strong point Chris? :)

    2007-1996=11 when I was at school.....
  • When did we play Liverpool at home in League Cup when we were in Div 1?
  • I took my then 11yr old son up with me by plane as I had a business appointment in Bolton that afternoon, was his first flight and only ever visit to Anfield, poor bugger got air sick on the way up. We stayed overnight at some seedy little motel then got a train back to Manchester airport the next morning. Time flies as he is now 29.....
  • Great, great trip - although it seems like another life-time ago now!

    Seemed to take ages to get there, and I will never forget the atmosphere - so much anticipation, and seeing the likes of Fowler and Collymore in the flesh was so strange, as this was the time when we were regularly being undone by the likes of Jan Arge Fjortoft (sic) and Brett Angel!!!

    It was the first proper game we had been in since the infamous Old Trafford 1/4 final two years earlier, and I remember thinking how good it was to be back in the big time again, rather than visiting the footballing outposts of Peterborough or Stockport.

    Some real CAFC legends in that line-up as well, and I think that five of them survived for the Sunderland POF game 2 1/2 years later - which shows that the spine of the team was there.

    Interestingly looking at Liverpool, not only were there no foreign players in that team, but their entire thirteen were English born - how times change!

    PS: I am fully aware that John Barnes was born in Jamaica, before anyone gets pedantic, but he did play for England with great distinction for many years so can be excepted!
  • I went up there on the coach with my dad, my parents let me have two days off school for it. My memory of the game itself is hazy (I was 8) but these points have always stuck with me:

    - We were near the front and during the minute's silence someone let out a massive fart at the back which had the whole block in stitches.
    - Every time McManaman got the ball it was scary. There'd be a huge roar whenever they were breaking, it was definitely more impressive than Old Trafford 2 years before.
    - I think Liverpool fans were throwing coins after we scored, they were definitely getting mouthy. That seemed really unncecessary when we were a small club on our big day out, getting a consolation goal.
    - I was overjoyed and proud to see Kim Grant's goal make Match of the Day's Goal of the Month competition, I missed the results so I called up the BBC to see if he'd won. Alas, it wasn't to be.
  • Didn't go myself , but a little bit of trivia for you. Spice Girl Mel C says it was her first ever game and she saw herself on the MOTD highlights.
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  • I also went up by coach and remember seeing a minibus in front of us veer off the motorway and fall into a ditch at the side; but our driver just carried on...
    Kim Grant's goal was fantastic.
  • Can just about remember this (13 at the time), great day out Kim Grants goal was a amazing. That was a quailty Liverpool team too... back in the day when they used to have the epic 4;3 reults with Newcastle
  • 22 years.

    Jeez, 22 years. Went in my mates new car to this and shared the driving. Had a quick pint in the pub near Goodison, The Stanley Arms and tried to talk him into driving all the way home, he wasn't having it.
  • Noticeable what a strong team Liverpool put out for it.
  • Noticeable what a strong team Liverpool put out for it.

    They needed to....................
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