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Carlisle 0 - 1 Charlton - Post match reports from those there (3 years ago today)

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Slightly different this week.

This thread is (for the first couple of days) just for those there.

If you were, PLEASE add your thoughts / re-live your day on this thread for the rest of us. Whether one line, or as long as a book, lets read your thoughts and tales over the next couple of days.

Other posts will be deleted. For general celebration and merriment, please use the ++Charlton promoted++ thread



  • Absolutley fantastic, cant describe the feeling when bradders scored. Absolute mayhem around me, last 10 mins everyone gathered pitchside and the celebrations at the end will never be forgotten
  • Absolutely fantastic feeling when brad scored ,the game was flying by until then those last 10 mins where the longest in history and that few minute wait to confirm the weds score then it was PARTY TIME .Im so glad I made the 6/7 hour journey :-))))))))))))
  • Brilliant day, also seeing how much it meant to Powell after everyone had gone in he was the other side of the pitch wiping his eyes.

  • Am now safely ensconced back in the holiday cottage with a refreshing gentleman's drink. I don't really know what to say, other than that it was a near perfect day. Great noise, near relentless singing, excellent comedy moments (deliberate and inadvertent) and great celebrations. Once my 9 year old had got used to the swearing it was also good family bonding all round, with the other three watching me acting like a madman throughout.

    If I could sum up the day with one moment, it would be the sight of Waggy trying to break up a fight between a fan and a steward, whilst behind them a very fat bloke knelt on the penalty spot, face in hands, sobbing.
  • Fantastic, had a tear in my eye ill admit when Chrissy Powell held up the banner at the end, were back!
  • Just back.

    Will post more tomorrow as wasting valuable drinking time. But excellent support, a solid performance and wonderful celebrations at the end.

    Watching all the players sing along and Chris holding up the banner was incredible.

    Highlight for me, JJ coming accross to take a corner and asking the Sheff Weds score from the front row.

    Hope everyone had a safe trip home.
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    Great day out I am home now cos I live in Scotland.What a day we won! Only thing that wasnt great was the stewarding and the OB.We were going up and there was a pitch invasion,well attempted.The filth were keen to punt back old geezers and boys,didnt want to know when a physical specimen went past them.Utter .Apart from that a good game,ref seemed on top of his job.Thought their keeper was really good,it could easily have been 4-nil.We are out the pub league,also saw someone I worked with 20 odd years ago.COYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Also the support completely out sang the home support,never heard them at all.Why did the stewards and filth do all they could to piss on our firework? Especially the well dodgy looking female one with a tie on,what was that all about?
  • Awesome day out with my dad, Joe, Nick and big thank to Andy (JBlock, Sheff Red, Bryan_Kynsie) for driving us up there. What can i say. A few watery eyes around the ground. The tannoy kept repeating that the players would not be coming out onto the pitch after the game had ended, but the fans kept on calling for them and in true Chrissy Powell style, we got our encore. A special day to witness for all those long suffering Addicks that were priviledged enough to make it up there. So pleased for the players and Mr Powell, but most of all pleased for ME. I'm filled with pride tonight. Thanks to all lifers for the journey so far.
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  • The players. Not a great picoff my phone, but i was getting a bit shakey!
  • What a brilliant day !! Fantastic support and fantastic performance.
    Well played today for Morro,Pritchard (my MOM) and Kermy as usual.
    Fantastic day - still celebrating as staying in Carlisle.
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    Hearing that the massive were behind early on sent a tingle all round the away end.
    Morro was superb and Cantona never stops trying.
  • Just back from the pub.
    Our support was brilliant, it was easy for me as I'm localish. Due to the Lass's broken leg the stewards gave us seats right at the front by the corner flag - where it was quiet. But not for long as where we sat was also the easiest place to access the pitch. So within a short time we were surrounded by a great group of singing happy fans. When BWP scored all around us spilled onto the pitch, it was brilliant. Some of the stewarding was rough and I've tried to get some pics of it which I'll download in the morning. At the final whistle it was euphoric pandemonium, the best since Wembley, in fact better as it was far more personal with JJ asking us the score and Hamer and Waggy coming straight over at the final whistle.

    Well done everyone
  • Great day, great result, even better you hear that the massive Wendy's scored in the last minute for it to be ruled off side.

    As a man from the valleys would say, " I know, I was there."

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    Just back in, Wow, what a day, firstly the support, fantastic, sang throughout great numbers and when in the offy opposite the away end a Carlisle fan said it was the best he had seen in years!

    The game, first half was even Stephens (who lost possession three times in as many minutes but made up for it with some of his 2nd half passes), it seemed that events in Colchester were as important and a number of those spontanious celebrations as news filtered through.

    Top sing song in the concourse at half time warmed up the crowd for a more open 2nd 45, the game seemed to turn on two quick incidents, they hit the post/bar with BH only able to watch, then the ref hit the ball and putting BWP through who narrowly missed, we turned the screw then with a succession of chances/corners, the crowd sensed things and got closer and closer to the front!

    bedlham when we scored, celebrations went on for ages with players and fans alike, you could see how much it meant. I didnt feel worried as the clock ran down and JJ asking us the Wendies score when taking a late corner (I must have been in the row behind you Lancs) really made me feel part of the same team, its the little things like that that the team have done so well this season. just fantastic celebrations that will live long in the memory. It was ages until the team came out, with the tannoy advising us they wouldnt, we stayed and they did, Bradley P played the drums, my son cried, I cried and then so did Chris Powell who had to go and find space for himself whilst he took it all in!

    Balls will always burst in our cup finals and promotion will always be gained at Carlisle away, its the law! I am extremely proud to be a Charlton fan tonight, weve got our Charlton back!

  • I've had some really good days out (despite the football) the last few years but today topped everything EVER! I'll
    Try and post something that makes sense tomorrow but, just puuling into Welling, I'm living the dream!

    Possibly had the best month in existence!
  • Balls will always burst in our cup finals and promotion will always be gained at Carlisle away, its the law! I am extremely proud to be a Charlton fan tonight, weve got our Charlton back!
    Brilliantly said SE7

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  • If I could sum up the day with one moment, it would be the sight of Waggy trying to break up a fight between a fan and a steward, whilst behind them a very fat bloke knelt on the penalty spot, face in hands, sobbing.
    Quote of the day. Brilliant

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  • Ignore it Mike. This is our day.
  • will do.

    all in all brilliant day. griffin full of charlton getting an atmosphere going from midday, although bar staff were a joke!

    Game was pretty dire looked like it was going to fizzle into a 0-0 but you always had that feeling we might nick it and bloody mental scenes when we did!!

    Loved the celebrations at the end, when the players were lifting powell in the air magic scenes!
  • Choked watching that video
  • That is a great video. So much going on.
  • What a superb day still on the way home now but well worth it ! I even scored during the pitch invasion have a look out for it.. Only downside was the stewards at the end punching old fellas and young kids glad the tall one got a wack back completely jumped up
    Jobs worth.

    Who cares we are up COYR
  • fck me what a day. Set out at 4 am and still partying in carlisle. The birds were ugly earlier but they are really fit now. Top day
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    tried to post a few times but problem with phone i think,

    one of the best gaems ever, charlton all over teh place from 1ish onwards, cracking atmosphere, seeing some old and young faces on pitch, seeing a mate in tears on the pitch after, that steward getting a clump probably same one ct mentioned, players reaction at the end and not running away, the ob at the station who knew what it meant to us, everyone as one kind of thing, kids, lads, players celebrating as one. was brilliant, the ammount of old skool songs getting aired.

    downsides, not the best of games, stewards actting up, ruining a pair of jeans on the grass, price of the champagne we drunk along with sttella, having a camera stuck in our faces after by ob non stop.

    goodnight, and what a night!

    will sort grammar out tomorrow. off for a couple more cans. not often you get promoted!
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