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Bravo have been showing this film a bit over the last few weeks.
For those who haven't seen it, it is about a group of coppers who go under cover to infiltrate some hard core hoolligans. I think it is the best film of it's type, although having said that I have not seen Football Factory, but from the clips I've seen all seems a bit Lock Stock/ Guy Ritchie type thing. All these animals talking about things getting a bit naughty.
Look out for I.D if you haven't seen it. A fantastic performance from Reece Dinsdale as the one who goes too far. Rather removed from his character in Home to Roost!


  • I was an extra in i.d after an ad in the Charlton programme. One thing i noticed that actors are a pain in the arse !!!
  • Did you get hurt?
  • GUMBO! classic film. you have to watch football factory tho. it is quite good. danny dyer plays the part well.
  • LOL ......I thought this thread was about Iain Dowie..... Doh!
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