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The Takeover - What's your best guess as to who is it's gonna be?

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As it's now possibly only a few days until we know the answer to who may be taking the club over let's have a best guess. We've all seen masses of totally ill informed wild speculation ranging from Far eastern businessmen to P-Diddy. But no one really seems to have a clue! So where would yor money be? What's your best guess? No prizes but someone might just get the right answer!

I'm going for an AEG/Qatari consortium!


  • it certainly wont be a middle/far east super power...........probably more like a couple of local businessman who got lucky on the pools.
  • I'm expecting Wise to be involved, his name has been involved too much now and in the past.
  • I think it's going to be A Consortium.
  • Is there some kind of takeover in the offing?
  • Cheryl Baker and Karl Howlman
  • I don't think that either the Qatar Royal Family or AEG would want a partner, but my best guess is that it will be one of them. It will be great if the deal is done, and the Southampton game on for a Boxing Day confirmation on the pitch.
  • Great another Takeover Thread, to be honest don't care have lost the will to live reading some of the crap people have been posting on the other 38 Takeover threads.
  • Wouldn't know where to start, genuinely no idea.

    My 'best guess' would be 2-4 UK-based investors, no Charlton background or previous links to Charlton, probably won't get much information on some / all of them.

    Don't expect any big changes in terms of club structure, and wouldn't be suprised if Murray stayed on as Chairman, or in some capacity. Don't expect them to be particularly wealthy, or throw silly money at it, possibly some form of investment banking / venture capalist background and expect the whole thing to continue to be more opaque than what some of us would prefer.
  • David Beckham
  • My guess is a Charlton fan who has made his money in the city. He had borrowed money with the get out plan of selling the club in five years time with us in a higher league.
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  • Jamie Oliver trying to emulate his hero delia.
  • I'm with AFKA on this one..................sorry chaps but no great pots of money this time !
  • Valley Cars/Valley Cafe
  • how will it be announced will there be a press conference or just something on the website?
  • Bream Team
  • Bill "C" and some music based friends with others including his brother.
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    the three Wise men will be:

    Gold .................. David's had enough of West Ham, we were always his preference anyway - new chairman
    Frank incensed ... Arnesen about to get the boot at Chelsea - new director of football
    Myhre ................ Thomas to return as our new player manager.
  • No idea who but I think they'll have some decent money behind them. Without it they'd be in trouble if we didn't get promoted and be looking to sell the club themselves in a year. I'd guess there will be 2-5 of them, and I doubt they are anywhere near billionaires. They'll be aiming to eventually get us back to the Prem and then sell us on for a profit.
  • More of a Marcus Evans Ipswich style takeover with Varney, Wise and Jiminez +1.
  • Still P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean John for me. Will arrive on the pitch by helicopter properly Suited and Booted.
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  • Alan Sugar.

    The BBC will then announce a new reality TV series to find the next Charlton manager. 12 out of work football managers will carry out a series of tasks totally unrelated to the job on offer and each week one will be fired, often for no particular reason at all. Phil Parkinson will be the surprise inclusion, fighting to get an extension to his contract. He exits week one!
  • I've heard Stella English wins that one as well.
  • I'm plumping for a consortium of Girls Aloud and the New Bird From Countdown.
  • [cite]Posted By: Bournemouth Addick[/cite]I'm plumping for a consortium of Girls Aloud and the New Bird From Countdown.

    Surely either you or I must be right?!
  • A knob and vagina.
  • [cite]Posted By: Saga Lout[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Bournemouth Addick[/cite]I'm plumping for a consortium of Girls Aloud and the New Bird From Countdown.

    Surely either you or I must be right?!

    Can't wait for the photo opportunity. Mmmm...TNBFC in one of our shirts flanked by Nadine, Kimberley and the rest. You heard it here first.
  • Tony Fernandez fronted by Dennis Wise
  • AEG, and they will submit a plan to rebuild the Jimmy Seed Stand, with a removable lower tier that can be turned into a stage for live concerts and other events. This, combined with the O2 and IndigO2 will turn the London Borough of Greenwich into the number 1 concert hotspot of the world. You heard it here first!
  • someone completely underwhelming
  • Oohaah and his Prawn Sandwich consortium
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