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The forthcoming season

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Hi all,

As I sit here in my Sussex home awaiting my S/T for my son and I it kinda crosses my mind what kind of a season that I have to look forward to. The #cafc line on twitter is really rather positive with Reid coming back and the majority of the departures expected....we appear to have made some signings that offer some cause for optimism but are we really going to rely heavily on youth for the forthcoming campaign? Especially upfront?

I am painfully realistic about Charlton and support Parkinson who, for the most part, has done a great job in difficult circumstances, but I can only see us struggling this season. I really hope I am wrong.

Am I in the minority here and others feeling chipper about 10/11?

See you all on the 7th



  • So much depends on who gets signed between now and the end of August.

    Even then, if we are going to sign any of the triallists, they are all pretty much unknown quantities as far as I am concerned.

    And nobody knows currently where the goals are going to come from! Burton is a huge loss.

    So I am not feeling chipper, I can't see us in the bottom half, but I can't see us in the top six either. Mid table medicority, I fear!

    What's also worrying is that we are still on a downward spiral financially. Last year was the year we "had" to go up. We didn't, changes have been made, and budgets reduced. If we don't go up this year, I'm afraid that more changes will have to be made, and budgets reduced even further for 11/12. Where will this end?

    Having said all of that, the first day of the season is always a day full of optimism and anticipation; can't come soon enough for me!
  • At the moment we're getting relegated with the squad we have, especially with only one senior striker. Hopefully that changes before the first game. Still need around 6 players.
  • Where are these players though?

    We have some very useful players for this level (Doherty, Jackson,Reid,Semedo,Dailly etc)

    But then we have some huge gaps left in the squad Sodje our only senior striker, 1 keeper,
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