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Ring of Fire

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Experienced this on my Xbox last week and have been trying to sort it out ever since. Just wondered if any other Xbox users on here may have experienced this and have any advice for me. Living in Kent when i have a weekend i cannot go to football or Cricket my Xbox is all that keeps me sane as there is pretty much nothing to do round here so not a massivly happy bunny :-(


  • If you use the diagnosis tool on the website and it appears to be the common fault that is covered by the 3 year extended warranty they should collect it and fix it for free. The first time they repaired mine and took an acceptable amount of time (10 working days)

    The second time it happened I sent mine off and 3days later I received a brand new one!! Presumably as a sweetner incase I was getting cheesed off and thinking of buying a PS3!!
  • You want to get your ring looked at Ru.
  • LOL Red Rbin and JT i had hoped this would generate some amusing comments like that :-).

    Arthur - Yes i have checked it out on the website only thing is i have had it for 4 years almost 5 so for an Xbox it has done incedibly well to only be giving me this problem now. So that said the warentee has run out so i probably just need to look into buying a new one dont i as i cannot live without it (how sad is that but then i do live in Kent and lively is not the word for it)
  • If it's the three red lights, you can fix it by removing the x clamps and fixing the heat syncs to the processor with silver thermal compound. You can find the instructions on Soulseek. It's quite a simple job if you follow the instructions line by line - believe me I wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't. I did find with mine that it didn't work first time, but I just took it apart and did it again until I got it right. I think you can get all the equipment you need for about £20. Of course don't do this if it's under warranty as you will invalidate it.

    If you've got a single red light it depends on the error message that appears on the screen. I think some of these can be fixed and others can't.

    Ultimately though the answer is to get a PS3 which doesn't have the shoddy build quality of an xbox.
  • alternatively if you wrap it in a towell and leave it on overnight, it will actually heat up so much will fuse componants back together, and this actually works!
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    er sorry guys, ps3 doesn't have shoddy build quality, that may or may not be so but they still go wrong!

    I hardly used mine (I have both consoles) and the blu ray drive failed after the 1 year ps3 warranty expired, Microsoft will repair up to 3 years, Sony up to 1 year then its a 150 quid repair which is the cost of a replacement old model console anyway.

    ps3 issues
  • [cite]Posted By: scruffle[/cite]alternatively if you wrap it in a towell and leave it on overnight, it will actually heat up so much will fuse componants back together, and this actually works!

    It works sometimes.

    How many rings is it showing, 3 or 4?

    Also, do you have MW2 for Bad Company2?
  • OK so its just the one light on the bottom right hand side and the error messages is E74. As i have had my Xbox so long the warenty has run out. I refuse to buy PS3's as i have herd nothing but bad things about them (not with them breaking necisarilly just with the games not being as good a quality and crashing loads and that the blu ray causes more problems than its worth) so i wont get a PS3 i am thinking i might just get a new elite console as they are about half price of what i paid originally and Xbox will charge me to send it off. Then only for them to come back and say they cannot fix it and i will have to buy another one anyway is pointless dont you think?
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    Stu of HU5 i have MW2 and funnily enough i was playing that game when this problem occured, would you suggest i dont play that one then mate??
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