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The Hayemaker v Ruiz

Saturday night, Haye vs Ruiz in his first defence.

Not sure what to make of this one as Ruiz is a decent boxer, but I hope Haye retains his title. What do the more knowledgable fight fans on here reckon, Nolly, Carter over to you!


  • will be a bore fight i reckon,ruiz has a chance as haye didnt really beat valuev and ruiz lost a debatable one to valuev,think it will be a haye victory but dont expect fireworks.
  • Haye will take him out somewhere round the middle rounds , way too fast for Ruiz and too powerful a well
  • I'm with Nolly. Dullsville - Haye late stoppage or points.
  • did you see antony small lose leroy?
  • I saw that , he's a hard bugger to score is Small . That result could really have gone either way and I thought Small just edged it but I sometimes think he doesn't help himself when he behaves the way he does. Shame really as he has talent just aint quite showing it enough
  • Haye to win between rounds 7-12 - 9/4

    Worth a score.
  • DIdn't see it Nolly, but a mate was there and said it was close, but Webb probably shaded it for him.
  • i gave it to webb by a round,webb has smalls number,3 0 to webb.
  • edited March 2010
    webb was down my mates gym showing off his belt.
  • Haye in 4 or 5 for me.

    Not sure what the undercard is like so unlikely that I will pay for it.
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  • Geogre Groves is fighting Charles Adamu on the undercard, Groves beat De Gale as an amateur and I'm not sure DeGale or Frank Warren want them two to meet in the pro's but Adamu is a big step up from anyone DeGale has gone in with, eyes on ginger George Groves, I tell thee.

    Haye will beat Ruiz, Ruiz is very experianced and ring savvy but he eats on from Haye flush he'll drop.

    In Haye's last few fights he's done something different. He knocked Maccarenelli into next year early on, plodded and eventually stopped Monte Barret (who was a warm up bout and punchbag for Haye pure and simple) in about 8 I think and put in a very disciplined 12 round performance against the mutant Valuev who he could have stopped (he won that by a mile, he never got touched)

    I still have a slight doubt about Haye's stamina as Ruiz will make him work very hard, but I reckon he'll stop Ruiz around the tenth.
  • hope hae wins despite being a Millwall ****
  • what gym thread?
  • haye was arsenal as a youth
  • st. mary's cray
  • Seems Sam Webb is one of us...

    Sam Webb interview
  • being webb is downham and a charlton fan as curbey found out,lets hope he wins more titles,oh and hes ex fisher abc as well. i like him
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