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Benny Macarthy

Did anyone see this man mountain on the footie last night ? he is wider than Jimmy Flyod Hassehof and Ralf the gut Milne. No way a pro footballer should get in that shape.


  • One of those players we were always linked with.
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    Love it.Gold and Sullivan's S*** didn't stink a month ago."Pwopa West am".
    They moaned about how passed regime's had thrown money at crocks like ljungburg and Dyer."Pwopa West am.Tellin it like it is"
    Then give the green light to go and sign The black,male Vanessa Feltz!!
    Blackburn saw them coming a long long time ago.And the poor West Ham fan can't quite see the wood for the trees, can he.
    I know they "won the world cup". But this could not be happening to a nicer bunch.
  • What I find funny is the way some fans thought they were too good for Curbishley. They should be playing exciting football and pushing for Europe, and someone like Zola was exactly what they needed. He might be a good Premier Leauge manager one day but he's not yet. Think it was on Match of the Day they were talking about how West Ham have got 4 players in or close to the England squad, it's the spine of their team in Green, Upson, Parker and Cole. Curbishley I doubt would have them down quite that low.
  • exactly scoham ... let's hope they're enjoy their exciting football ... the grass isn't always greener...
  • F**k 'em. To me it's sweet justice. The cheating b******s should have been relegated over the Tevez affair three years ago. No sympathy whatsoever. I hope they go down and end up in our situation. Although being West Ham I suppose they'll wriggle out of it.
  • I really hope Matt Upson does not start for England at the WC, with Rio's injuries it seems a possibility but Upson has been piss poor this season.

    Englands top two keepers could both be relegated at end of season, doesn't sound great!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: cafcdan18[/cite]IEnglands top two keepers could both be relegated at end of season, doesn't sound great![/quote]

    At least we know that they have had lots of practice
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