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How has the recession hit you, as a football fan?

Hello –

I am currently in the process of researching and authoring a study on how the recession has hit football.

The general consensus of ‘experts’ in 2007 was that football was “recession-proof”. I think the past three years have probably indicated that this was not (and is not) entirely the case. A startlingly small amount has thus far been written on the topic too – we get the odd bit here and there but nothing detailed and certainly nothing comprehensive.

Part of my research comprises a short questionnaire, the results of which I intend to put to football finance experts, fan bodies and a selection of clubs themselves. This questionnaire is aimed at fans; primarily how the recession has influenced their spending on football and attendance of games themselves.

I would be extremely grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes of your time and complete this survey (located at ). It comprises 18 questions and should only take 2 or 3 minutes to complete. I am aiming to get responses from fans of every league club in the country.

It would be of huge benefit to me if you could help with this. If you have any questions (or, indeed, something to say on the subject), feel free to contribute them to this thread & I’ll do my best to answer them.

Mods – I hope this is in the correct part of your forum, thanks. Fantastic site by the way. I've posted this on a few different forums and yours is definitely up there, lovely clean layout.

Thank you, & good luck for the rest of the season!



  • Done, good luck with your study
  • done, very easy to use layout
  • done, agree nice layout

    (just out of interest, who do you support ?)
  • I will do your survey in a bit, but I reckon you should be asking clubs just as much as fans. Fans are always likely to say the merchandise, tickets etc are too expensive, but if sales are stable, it'll show that football as an industry is somewhat recession-proof, even if its fans aren't.

    It's also well worth doing some proper statistical work on the stuff. I'm more than willing to do a lot of that, but I could do with help with data gathering and entry (I've tried before, and it's a nightmare on your own). If you're interested in that, send me a whisper or something
  • Done, and I agree with you IA, but it would be interesting to hear the perspective from the advertising and TV companies too. IIRC Sky don't release statistics for numbers of subscribers etc, but I should think a lot of people would have downgraded or even cancelled their subscriptions, and as a consequence this may have hit Sky's profits?

    I always thought it was very naive of the powers that be to claim that football was recession proof. Revenue was always going to fall for a lot of clubs, and this has come at a time when many are saddled with debt and enormous overheads too.
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  • Done, good luck.
  • I have done it but I think Charlton is a different case as I think dwindling numbers are more to do with the performance on the pitch as opposed to recession?
  • Done, also the lower we go down the cheaper most grounds become to buy match tickets
  • Thanks guys - I've had a good response to this more or less across the board, but particularly from you lot.

    I'm actually a West Ham fan - looking forward to a trip to the Valley next season! OK, that's pessimistic. In two season's time, hopefully, and by virtue of you going up two places as opposed to us going down two.

    I plan to talk to a selection of clubs in the coming weeks - hopefully somewhat of a cross-section of league clubs in the country. I can call back & let you know what they say, if you'd like. IA - thank you for your generous offer, I'll give you a shout soon. Apologies, I'm in a bit of a rush now.

    Thanks again.
  • Done.

    Sure, let me know whenever if you like.

    I just noticed you called it a 'study' not a book, blog or article. Can I ask what it's a study for? What's the aim of it, or is it a school/college/university project? Best of luck with it anyway if you don't get back to me
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