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Moto GP 2010

Anyone else think this is the greatest motorsport championship on the planet? (ahead of WRC)
A move to 1,000cc machines has to be good.
Will Lorenzo recover in the three weeks till the start of the season to take the title away from team-mate and arch rival GOAT?
Is there a better character in motorsport than Valentino Rossi?
How great is racing that is decided on the track and not in the pit lane?


  • It's all rather dull to me Floyd, but I agree with your last point. F1 fans can argue 'til they are blue in the face that it's a "team sport", yeah right, ask the man in the street who changed the nearside front tyres on Jensen's car last year or who adjusted his fuel injector...
  • Sorry to hear that.
    Do you have it on in the bar?
  • Love Moto GP, really looking forward to this season. Just a shame there's no British interest.

    The World Superbikes will be well worth watching too.
  • We put any "sport" on in the bar on request (Except WWE) if it does not clash with the footy, Floyd.
  • World Superbikes will be in the Algarve in the next couple of weeks I think. Moto GP is something else. Skill, courage, and lightening reactions all at 200mph. I think Stoner will be the big threat to Valentino providing he can beat the mental stress that overcame him last season.
  • Sadly, yes.
    It's great.

    Really looking forward to seeing if Valentino II (Simoncelli) can cut the mustard with the big boys, watching Spies getting his ass handed to him and seeing the Moto2 (how in the heck did Ellias not get a ride with a MotoGP team.

    The opening WSB was a bit disappointing, I thought. Unless the Samurai of Slide really gets going or Crutchlow comes through quicker than expected, it's looking a bit tired IMO. Miss seeing it down at Brands though.
  • [cite]Posted By: March51[/cite]World Superbikes will be in the Algarve in the next couple of weeks I think
    28th March. Was just looking at the prices, it's great value. 50 euros for the best access all areas ticket. You'd be lucky to be on a minor bend for F1 qualifying for that...
  • [cite]Posted By: Mortimerician[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: March51[/cite]World Superbikes will be in the Algarve in the next couple of weeks I think
    28th March. Was just looking at the prices, it's great value. 50 euros for the best access all areas ticket. You'd be lucky to be on a minor bend for F1 qualifying for that...

    Not been myself, but those that have say it's a great track with good views. Hoping to get F1 here in a couple of years as well.
  • Ooooh what a start! Moto2 was pretty cool too. Shame the BBC coverage is garbage and stuck on the button, but it's the wrong time for moans...
  • Trust Lorenzo to pull off a ridiculous overtaking move. The balls required for that!

    Just as well Casey dropped it as he would have sped off into the distance, but in an even bigger way then Rossi did. Shame there's only 17 bikes, could do with another 5 or more but least there's at least 3 viable championship contenders (and possibly the Hondas) to keep it interesting at the front.
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  • Exciting stuff all right, but as you say Mortimerician the BBC leave a lot to be desired: they commentate from the lowest level, e.g. 'Stoner is on a red bike'. Personally I'd like just to hear the bikes and no talking! Pity Bradley missed out on the 125 race but a few points for eighth could be important at the end.
  • edited April 2010
    Nice to see Rossi bag 25 points, Watched the WSB from Valencia yesterday, blinding racing, the Brits did really well, Haslam won the first race but Camier had a huge off (130MPH) and did the same while leading the second, he is fine though, I guess he was tired and needed to lie down. Most bike racers appear to be made of rubber!
    Great stuff.
    BTW Not 1 mention on BBC this morning at was all about Westwood losing the Golf.
  • Poor old Casey, if only it was more like dragster racing and you didn't have to worry about all those silly corners he'd be champion again in no time.

    Some massive crashes yesterday. Camier, De Angelis and the Aussie that ended up putting it in the stupidly placed wall next to the pit lane (at Valencia); hope he's OK. That female rider (in the Superstock) managed to get straight up after a 200kmh crash that would have had the average footballer writhing on the deck for a week

    If the BBC can't be arsed covering it, I don't really understand why they don't let Eurosport do it.
  • Great as usual, superb entertainment. WSB is excellant with all the brits putting it up'em, and BSB is looking good even with its new over complicated points system.
    In GP Rossi will do well again (a given), and Lorenzo will push him if he avoids the kitty litter and broken bones. As for the BBC coverage, its ok although if i can, I watch the races with the commentry team of Toby & Jules and guests on Eurosprt which is just top notch.
  • Smashing race, was on the edge of my pants for the last 3 laps, and always a bonus when the boring convict throws his bike at the scenery!! That Lorenzo is a real talent tho, as is Dovvi, these 2 and some of the other youngsters are gonna take this sport to a new level methinks. Rossi is king at the mo tho, what a man he is.

    So glad its started well, cant wait for the next race, and hope it wont be on at silly o clock so i can watch it properly on Eurosport.

    No what people mean about the bbc coverage, it could be better, but i do like that Charlie Cox the auusie commentator, he says some well funny things sometimes!! But i also like Julien from Eurosports speech impediment!! lol
  • What a great race. These guys have balls of steel for real. How close were they?
    Well done to the new septic
    Cracking season ahead
    Moto2 will be the best season yet.

    Quite enjoy the commentary
  • Brit 1-2-3 in Race 1 in WSB. Well played Rea, Toser and Camier!
  • Cracking Moto2 race
    Re-starts, crashes galore, flames down the track oh and some cracking racing in a motorsport where all the machines have the same engine.
  • Moto2 rocks, 40 odd bikes, loads of em flinging their bikes at the scenery and some out and out skillful racing!!
  • Just seen the Moto 2 race, excellent, if there was this much action in a whole F1 season Martin Brundle would soil his overalls!!!

    British Superbike from Cadwell Park this afternoon, feet up, beers and bike racing, great bank holiday!!!
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  • Looking forward to this...

    The shootout rules for the BSB is the most complex way of sorting out a sporting league, that I've ever seen.
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    Tomizawa died after that incident in Moto2 today. Horrible.
  • Just seen the crash on youtube as bbc has blocked the coverage. Horrific.
    All the riders said how much fun he was
  • That looked absolutely awful. RIP.
  • Horrific. 19 years old....puts things into perspective.

  • So sad so dangerous but so much fun
  • [cite]Posted By: fatrob[/cite]So sad so dangerous but so much fun
    He was a lovely, lovely lunatic. He'd have concurred.

    Ride in peace.
  • Rossi's battle, particularly in the last two laps was simply awesome. Even MotoGP sceptics would enjoy watching it on BBC player
    So much contact, what a race - brilliant stuff
  • Well, now the dust has settled, I have to say that was the worst season I've seen. Other than Japan I'm struggling to think of a really top battle. I guess when the cat's away the mice will play (safe).

    Lorenzo's conduct when Rossi and Spies were waiting to congratulate him at the end of the race was absolutely pathetic. He might think his little staged celebrations are wildly original, but somebody else has been doing them for years and - to be honest - they're a bit laboured when he does them. Jorgie might do well to remember what happened to Honda when they gave Vale the flick in the belief that they had an unbeatable package. One tarnished championship since. I sincerely hope that Yamaha will take a big dip next year without the likes of Burgess wringing out that bit of extra performance out (remember where they were before he got there). No clue about what Ducati will do, but Honda have three great (dull) riders and will be right up there if they don't trip each other up.

    Glad miserable Max won the WSB, but it shows it's not comparable to Moto. Really hope Toseland gets it back together next year, he's a good lad. Delighted that Crutchlow is coming to Moto though, having followed his career since he was 14 on Natural Born Racers.

    Finally, if you haven't read Ring of Fire by Rick Broadbent, do. Best book on the subject I've read, and maybe the best sports book too. Stories about the likes of Byrne and Hopper setting feilds (and themselves) on fire or tipping over Max's beloved smartcar, out of boredom are great, and there's some real insight in there too as well as fascinating stuff about Ago and (particularly) Hailwood.
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