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Did anybody see the Norwich goals against Colchester?

Just curious really. I saw them at the weekend and 4 were absolutely laughable defending. I mean truly, epic crap defending. 60 yard passes - straight to a defender who just lets it go under his foot on to the onrushing striker.

Admittedly the guy still needs to score but I really would like it if we came across that once in a blue moon.

Just wondered why we never come up against a team having a collective stinker at the back - Do we not put enough pressure on or something?


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    Thought the game shouldn't have played to be honest, the way the ball held up was laughable, at least two of the goals were as a direct result of the ball stopping dead in the pitch, either right into Holt's stride (the fifth) or the fourth I think the ball just got stuck between two defenders!
  • Norwich play through the centre, are constantly on the move, and the mud there was appalling.

    Strange when you think Boothroyd likes the direct game if he has the personnel. You'd have thought getting it out quick and pushing Norwich backup the pitch would have been a priority. You can't lose out to Norwich's midfield, so why not bypass them and just outmuscle them if you can?
  • You never know Orient might have a mare tonight
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