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A QPR fan's rant

Not sure if anyone else has seen this but it's hard not to agree with at least some of what he says....


  • Why is he dissing (get my down with the kids street language guys!) Charlton?

    Other than that I can see where he is coming from on much of it.
  • Yeah - I couldn't quite work out why he's having a go at us, although he does cover pretty well everyone and everything in it!

    Apart from that, he does have some points.
  • Links not working. Says the article is currently unavailable.
  • I dont get it, all he says about us is why have we not gone out of business yet, not really having ago at us. Just seems as though hes a bit bitter about football atm i agree with some of the things he says i think hes going a bit OTT with the whole thing though. He must have lots of spare time on his hands.
  • I read it ... and word is he's a tosser ...
  • i strongly suspect he was dribbling (not from his mouth) and laughing like a bond villain when he typed this.
  • what a great rant
  • I think it is classic, some good points but alot more waffle then actual good point.... still entertaining read though!
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    How are we not broke?

    How will THEY not be broke when all their boardroom clowns give it legs more like.
  • Get over it, he's not having ago at us he's just misinformed.

    Good rant, shame he didn't mention that he doesn't care how many fans clubs take away.
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