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Bromley Vs Colchester Utd

Any fellow Bromley Addicks going along to this? Potential cup upset and another chance to see the sublime skills of Kevin Lisbie up close....
Tickets selling well apparently


  • If you go Olly, you'll be Ollywozthere.
  • I'll certainly be there. Hopefully I don't get lost or I'll be Ollywozwhere?
  • or, if you follow young Lisbie for the entire match, you'll be Ollywozstare.

    ps do Bromley still play at Hayes Lane, haven't been there for donkey's years.
  • Yes still down at Hayes Lane. It's probably in exactly the same state in which you saw it last.
  • [cite]Posted By: Ollywozere[/cite]I'll certainly be there. Hopefully I don't get lost or I'll be Ollywozwhere?

    PMSL Olly ha ha!
  • cheers Olly, used to go and see Bexleyheath and Welling play there in the early '60's before that fateful day when I first entered the Valley.
  • Just brought 2 tickets.
  • I'm going.
  • Yeah I'll be going.
  • Bumpety Bump..... Match Sold Out for tomorrow.
    Good work Bromley residents
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  • Defo no upset here im afraid, cant see colchester losing this one
  • Almost certainly. Stranger things have happened though. Bromley will get one I think, they're a good side going forward...problem is Colchester will probably get a few more.
    Will be a good day out though, looking forward to it
  • why a 1pm kick-off ? The Bromley site says they are in negotiation with Col U about getting back Col U's unsold allocation.
  • id say 3-1 colchester personally, your right u never know thats the beauty of the fa cup just think colchester are far too strong for bromley.
  • I have a feeling the 1 O'Clock Kick off was to do with not having the right floodlights for the television cameras. As it's a featured game on ITV's highlights, it was brought forward to 1 to make sure the game would be finished in daylight.
  • Early kick off due to Fireworks display taking place in Norman Park.
  • if any one has a spare ticket for this a friend needs one
  • Its nice to see Charlton and Palace fans have something in common at last.

    Good luck Bromley.
  • and millwall.
  • Good that the tickets were kept at conference south prices of £10, although that's still what they charge in the Budes League.

    Indeed Budgie, Good luck to Mark Goldberg.
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  • Colchester 2 nil up at Bromley
  • good crowd,half of downham must of been there.
  • Good day, dissapointing result. Bromley gave a very good account of themselves for the first half hour before the first goal and it all went a bit wrong from there! Some of Bromley's players looked very nervous at times. Good to see such a big crowd down there.
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