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A Friday night in League 2

edited October 2009 in Other Football and Sports
Watching the Football league show last night saw a goal scored by the younger brother of a Manchester Untied Ace called Wayne Rooney (maybe you have heard of him). John Rooney i think the commentator said his name was and im pretty sure he said it were his brother. Anyway his goal was blinding no other words for it first time hit on a volley from and cleared head by a Cheltnham defender into the top corner stunning strike it really was.

Now im not trying to hype the boy up too much before he has done anything but his composior on this strike really did look first class Macclesfield must be chuffed to have him after that goal.


  • Saw the week before he hit the bar with a wayne rooneyish curler. Guy has potential and could play at a higher level, maybe not prem but he is only 17 i think
  • Yea he is still pretty young i think they said 17 last night mate so yea i think you right would like to see him move up the leagues good lad.
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