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Two adult tickets for colchester for sale

edited September 2009 in General Charlton
My mate is stuck in Scotland and can not get back for the Colchester game. I therefore have two tickets spare. I will be in Colchester from 3pm so plenty of time to get them from me. Anyone interested?


  • KBsLittleSis? I hear she might have had an issue getting tickets...

  • I will have them if i can get there in time will find out later mate.
  • KBslittlesis needs 4 tickets
  • then sell them mate first come first serve and all that.
  • What time Ru1986
  • Again im not too sure yet mate if you need to sell them now then do so. However i should be able to confirm what time il be there in about an hour just waiting to here back on a lift.
  • Right i can confirm that my mate is usless and that i cannot take those tickets of you hands i might still be able to go to the game but dont hink i can get there till well late.
  • Right

    I will have these till tomorrow and then will sell em back to Colchester
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