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would ya

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what one out of the malts in abba? the blonde one shades it......but her boat would annoy me after time,still the blonde on a majority,discuss


  • Agree blonde.
  • blondie, bad teeth and now mad as a fruit? but thems was the seventies
  • the other one has a better face but looks a tad sweaty
  • picture needed
  • Both
  • One of us is ugly, one of us is cute
    One of us you'd like to see in her birthday suit
    Two of us write music, two have way a song
    Sorry, in translation, that line come out wrong
  • yes both would be nice,always liked two
  • In their day, tough choice but the blonde shades it.

    Today, tough choice but the other, as blondie, as mentioned before is now as nutty as a fruit loop. Would'nt wanna wake up next morning in a pool of blood and your todger missing, well not again anyway!
  • Both even now they couldnt have got that rank looking unless one is no longer with us then

    i still would
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  • The dark hair one for me .Born in Norway.
  • who would be more filthy? this really is a hard one.
  • Either or Both.
  • But what do they like like now..... GILF or not?
  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]But what do they like like now..... GILF or not?

  • edited July 2009
    The one on the left ........mmmmmmm, worth getting to know.

    Especially as she's wearing last season's Charlton home shirt.
  • both

    yum yum
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]both

    yum yum

    You still got the energy for both at your age, NLA ..... ?
  • hell yeah oggster

    i have canx my last 3 appoints today due to the bloody takeover thread

    full of beans let me at em
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