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Proud dad moment

Henry Jnr is playing his first football match for his School as I type.

Not bad as he's in year 5 (third year in old money) and most of the team are yr 6s.


  • you should be there berating the ref, etc
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    I thought it was going to be a photo of Herny Jnr in a cardy.

    Well done to the lad.
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    [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]you should be there berating the ref, etc

    beat me to it raz!:-)
  • well he's so agressive on here....

  • His mum has taken him.

    I encourage him at his Sunday games with things I have read on here such as "stop tackling like Darren Ambrose" or "are you Hudson in disguise?"
  • I hope you bought him some decent boots :-))
  • ref he's tugging his cardy
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]His mum has taken him, as I don't understand the off side rule.
  • I'm flattered that so many people feel they are my friends and so able to pull my leg over the misconception of me wearing cardigans.

    And have you seen the price of football boots!!

    He has black Nikes with screw in studs. Proper defenders boots!!
  • Hooray for Henry Jr, hope he enjoyed it!
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  • My daughter at 4 and a half is playing minor soccer (yes i know).

    Of course we had the classic moment last week, where the ball goes off the pitch, rolls down the slope & both teams are off & after it like a pack of hounds chasing a fox.

    I feel sorry for the coaches trying to organise the under-6s - it's like herding cats.
  • Lost 5 - 4 but they were missing their Brazilian midfielder (I kid you not) with a knee injury.

    1 nil up, 5 - 1 down and nearly got it back.

    Three Charlton fans in the team as well.
  • He's good but didnt get past the rather tipsy me in goal in the pub at Derby, I outskilled them all :P
  • Great moment to savour!
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