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John Barnes Named Tranmere Boss

with Jason McAteer as his assistant...

Strange one that if you ask me?


  • Oh well there is the first team relegated from our league next season, can you imagian the team talk
  • edited June 2009
    That's another one crossed off the list for June 23rd!!
  • AH great return of the prodigal son!
  • Interesting,can't see him doing anything for them. Glad that after Celtic he ne3ver got another big job,needed to learn his trade and then move up if he is good enough. Wonder what has happened to Paul Ince, he started the right way,just accelerated too quickly and the expectations were too high .. plus he's an arrogant git!
  • Can't understand this one. Ronnie Moore was doing a solid job in his 2nd spell at the club & to go from him to Barnsey is strange .....
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