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Reed taking us down

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Myhre - 8 - a couple of great saves, couldn't fault him for the goals
Young - 4 - gifted the ball to Liverpool for their first goal, not captain material - doesn't look arsed
Traore - 4 - idiotic challenge for the penalty only redeemed by a great goalline clearance
Borat - 5 - actually tried very hard BUT shite distribution & shockingly bad free kicks
HH - 3 - past it, not good enough at CB at this level
Romm - 3 - a couple of runs in 90 mins, ineffective & lightweight
Faye - 0 - absolute garbage, obviously lacks the basic skills but doesn't even make the effort to cover this up with any kind of commitment - crap, crap. crap
Holland - 4 - all the strength of a limp lettuce, like HH his best days were several seasons ago
Reid - 6- the only player that can create in this team, lack of fitness cost us dear
Bent - 4 - disinterested and rapidly losing any confidence he had - for his sake he should go in Jan
JFH - 1 - fat useless tw"t

Ambrose - 2 - brings nothing to an already woeful team
Hughes - 2 - only plus point is he is better than Faye
Diawara - 1 - £3.7m for a defender who has the positional sense of a lamppost

and to cap it all.............

Les Reed - 0 - shocking - he has zero motivational presence, his tactics, substitutions & team selections have been rubbish - and i cannot help but think he stabbed ID in the back - Ok he has a piss poor squad to choose from - but to persist in playing Faye, to drop Sam for the provenly useless Rommedahl, to select Fat Eddie Murphy ahead of Marcus Bent - i am going off Reed fast. Our board have given him a 3 year contract though so unless he is shunted sideways we are stuck with him.

The first few months were a bit of a laugh, but recent weeks have been embarrasing. The solution - i don't know. Pardew would obviously be a good choice, but i am sure he has something built into his pay off with west ham to prevent him taking up employment with a rival club for a certain period of time.

This absolutely stinks.


  • Some of those marks are very generous.

    This team is done, and I for one will not miss the Premiership and the inevitability of it all.

    The "magic" has worn off.
  • Thoughtfull post, can't say i disagree with the rtings although i think youre giving reed a hard time, i personally think that the players are the ones bringing our club down, no commitment, heads down they seem already resigned to the fact that the championship beckons,
    Although the manager is the one to motivate a team, how can you motivate a team that has already imploded and individuals are thinking of nothing more than there next club, if we had curbs back or even sir alex we would still be heading down, the damage has been done by dowie, imo of course
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    we still have our end of season slump to look forward to.
  • There's nothing I disagree with in your analysis Oakster.

    A thoroughly professional job by Liverpool, no tearing at Charlton and trying to win by four or five goals with flashy football just calm pressure, passing the ball around well waiting for the gaps to open and the mistakes to happen. No team can defend for that long without things falling apart at least once or twice and given our defensive frailties that will happen sooner than later.

    We must get an attacking, ball winning midfielder in the transfer window, if that means selling Darren Bent then it has to happen. Relegation isn't a certainty, but the team are playing without any kind of spark and that has to change, I've never seen a Charlton team looking so clueless in midfield, I can't see anyone at the club stepping into that role so it means buying someone.

    Would Pardew make a difference? I think so, Reed was hampered today with injuries but the result was never in much doubt. I can't see Pardew wanting to take over straight away but he has to come in at some point in the near future. Reed just doesn't seem able to lift the team and motivate them to the point where he can get the players playing in such a way as they hide the faults.

    Overall I'm not too disconsolate, as I didn't expect to get anything out of this game but I hoped that a good fighting display would paper over another defeat, those two late goals though should have been avoided, poor marking for both and no closing down, pretty basic stuff for pro footballers.
  • Oakster- i think you are absolutely spot on with you summary.

    BFR- I agree that Pardew would make a difference-

    @ and will get out when we are relegated.

    Funny, but the only player out there who seemed to give a damn was Mhyre, and frankly, if anyone could justifiably be feeling a little sorry for himself about the way he's been treated, it's him.
  • According to the OS Reed has set a target of 42 points for survival - where the hell does he think we are going to get another 30 points from when we don't have a side showing any of the basic skills and commitment needed to win a match of any kind?

    Given the other results today that show other clubs are able to pick up results relegation seems a certainty even though there are a lot of matches to go. This squad just do not display the qualities needed to get out of this mess!
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    I feel sorry for Holland and HH both triers but past their prime they should not be subjected to this level of football I agree they are past their best. Borat for me was shocking especially when he went RB, appeared to be asleep on many an occasion. That said he should not be the scapegoat, they were all poor so for me the problem is deeper and presents itself in our structure
  • It was the list of players given to Dowie by Mills and Murray to purchase where it went wrong. Reed has mentoned this in the past.
  • 'we'll get the fans back behind us again'

    Interesting quote from Les there. He seems very determined that the players that join our club in January will turn this form around. I'll look forward to seeing some good players join our club in January.
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  • It all reminds me a bit of the season that sent Sunderland down, Reid was doing OK (but the fans were on his back, not the case here) gets sacked earlish about the same time as Dowie and they bring in Sgt Wilko (Les Reed is one of his cohorts) things get worse, before they finally bring in McCarthy - who can't turn round a sunk ship.

    Can't see anyway out of this unless we can do loads and I mean loads of business in January.

    Oh and Oakster I think you are being too harsh on Diawara and far to generous to Borat, as soon has he went to right back he as appalling.
  • January is too late for anyhting constuctive to happen i'm afraid - other than turfing out all of the old shit on the books.
  • You are probably not wrong...
  • Must admit El k looked poor in the right back position but where is Sankofa?

    Surely if he was in the squad he could have fitted in to right back.

    And you can't really expect an average defender to adapt to another position and play well.
  • I think Borat has played for us as right back before is Kish still injured?
  • [cite]Posted By: pickwick[/cite]It all reminds me a bit of the season that sent Sunderland down, Reid was doing OK (but the fans were on his back, not the case here) gets sacked earlish about the same time as Dowie and they bring in Sgt Wilko (Les Reed is one of his cohorts) things get worse, before they finally bring in McCarthy - who can't turn round a sunk ship.

    That's a decent comparison, but I just read a post on another footie forum that pointed out the similarity between the season that Southampton went down, and our current situation.

    Dowie = Sturrock (New man sacked after 5/6 months = too early)
    Reed = Wigley (The "club man" installed by the board as an "easy" appointment - Out of his depth..)
    ??? = Redknapp (Experienced hand that came in too late..)

  • Ruppert Lowe = Richard Murray
  • [cite]Posted By: pete_tong1[/cite]Ruppert Lowe = Richard Murray

    I think that's where the comparison stops.

    I'm not too enamoured with Minty at the moment, but a Rupert Lowe he isn't.
  • Hasn't got enough polo ponies for starters.
  • [cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]Hasn't got enough polo ponies for starters.

    He's got 20 odd highly paid donkeys, though..
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  • Maybe you've hit on something there Paddy. Maybe we should petition the EU to get them to put a stop to the beastly way our donkeys are being treated by the opposition every saturday. I reckon we could be onto a winner there.
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