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best player in the world

top 3

torres? ronaldo ? gerrard ? shelvey ? dickson ?messi ? kaka? etc

for me

1 ronaldo just
2 torres
3 shelvey


  • Shh..?
  • Torres for me at the moment
  • Spring, Holland, Soares.

    According to some, Athletics Anonymous.

  • Sam, Akpo, Efe, Onome and Steve Sodje
  • LOL this thread

    Anyone who doesn't put 'Messi' as their answer either hasn't seen him play, is blind or just plain stupid.

    He is easily - EASILY - the best player in the world and has been the whole season.
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    I was thinking the same Leroy,

    Messi is

    On this season it go to be

  • Now I know how much we all hate him, but to me there is absolutly no competition, Ronaldo is by far and away the best player on the planet. How ever much the man dives and play acts there can be no question that he is the most feared player by any defence. Perhaps the most technically gifted player there has ever been, yes, Pele may have been the greatest goalscorer as other woukd argue Maradona but I am the first to admit my pure hatred for the man but I have to admit he is in his own league. Followed by Messi and probably Torres.
  • I'm just massively in awe of the way Torres has ruined 4 of the best center halves in the world this week, Messi of course is pure amazing though
  • kishishev
  • Some spazz on radio this weekend said Gerrard followed by Torres

    They may be good but Messi is a different league. Long way ahead of Ronaldo this season
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  • Was Ronaldo's peak last season? He couldn't get any better IMO.

    I have to trust followers of Spanish football re Messi and have no reason to doubt them. He's pretty special from what I've seen.

    If Torres had been fit all season on the form of the last week Liverpool would have the title sewn up by now. He revels in the big matches too. Gerrard isn't far behind him and they play off each other so well too.
  • Messi. Ronaldo, Torres, Rashid Yussuf?
  • Messi without a doubt. I watch a lot of Spanish football and he is simply in a league of his own, the ball just sticks to his feet. Amazing player.
  • 1.Messi
    2. Cronaldo
    3. Alves

    Stevie G and Torres snapping at their heels.
  • I would have essien over gerrard any day.
  • No way Jose. Essien is a good player, but he isn't fit to clean Gerrard's boots. The Gerrard that plays for the mickey mousers that is - the one that occasionally turns out for England is a bit poo.
  • messi for me
    Just seen his 3rd goal vs malaga.
    Unbelievable !
  • At the end of the day though Messi couldn't get past Morrison or Taylor so one of those two has to be the best in the world.
  • Torres..............????? what a difference a couple of years makes. Messi has no competition in this category. Would probably come close to topping the 'best ever' list
  • The funny thing is three years down the line and Torres seems even more laughable than Shelvey and Dickson.
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  • Ronaldo for me I'm afraid, Messi is amazing at what he does but I feel Ronaldo is more of a complete package, heading, skill, pace, power, the free kicks, his passing and shooting ability all combined outweighs Messi imo
  • Leroy Ambrose March 2009
    LOL this thread

    Anyone who doesn't put 'Messi' as their answer either hasn't seen him play, is blind or just plain stupid.

    He is easily - EASILY - the best player in the world and has been the whole season.


    Come on it as to be Solly.

  • yep, just watched the game and yet again messi runs the length of a runway beating 4,009 players leaving each one on their arris before cooly slotting the ball home...easily the best player i've ever seen.

    apart from joey barton.
  • On a serious note having been to the Nou Camp and seeing the super copa, Messi was way better than Ronaldo.

    In my eyes Messi is the best player in the world.
  • if Ronaldo wasn't such a pretty boy...
    i'm sure he would be in the same league as luke chadwick.
    also did any one just see messi's header ? unreal !
  • Admin, can I edit my post of 3 years ago please.....?
  • Messi shits all over Ronaldo from a great height. Ronaldo isn't even close to being as good a player as Messi, Iniesta or Xavi.
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    100 % agree. Ronaldo is Overrated and most of the Barca team is better than he is.
  • Messi all the way: 19 games-29 goals-5 hat-tricks!! But did you see the free-kick against Malaga tonight? Position slightly to the left of Jackson's yesterday but could only hit the bar: Who's the Daddy?? :- )

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