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"Local" Non-League.

I think a similar topic has been done, but.........

Whats the nearest non-league team from where you live ?
Do you support them by going occasionally ?
Do you follow their results in the newspapers/computer ?

For the Record, Mrs MOG & I go to see Dulwich Hamlet afew times aseason, as they're 4 miles from Sydenham.

I did some work for a fellow Lifer yesterday, and noticed he lived less than a mile from Carshalton Athletic (CAFC !), and only acouple of miles from Tooting & Mitchams ground. And they're both in the same Rymans division (only, I think, 2 divs. away from the football league).

For around £6 to £10 amatch, personally I think its enjoyable.


  • Nearest is probably Welling, but I don't go, have a passing interest in AFC Wimbledon and Dartford.
  • Bromley FC just over 1 mile

    Have yet to go to a game this season but have previously gone 4 or 5 times a year

    yes, even on SSN sometimes 10th in the Conference South right now.
  • live near Sutton Utds ground, pop over a few times a season.£10 to get in, usually get a good game and amusing crowd banter.Decent drop of Bombardier in the clubhouse, £2.50 a pop.
  • suttons closer than tooting & mitcham also in the same league.
  • Hythe Town. Top of the Kent league.
  • JTJT
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    I think
  • ebbsnorth and gravesfleet are nearest to me. although would be more likely to go to dartford for a game than stonebridge road.
  • Nearest is Welling, go occasionally.

    Used to live in Foots Cray and went regularly to see Cray Wands, but not since they moved to Hasyes Lane.

    Pleased to see they could be getting their own ground again "soon"
  • yes MOG also don't forget Sutton Utd, same division as CAFC and Tooting and Dartford, not too far away from me as well about 10 minutes in the car.

    Thanks for the work by the way another fine job by MOG.
  • I live about 250 yards from Woking FC's ground. I often stroll down there if they are playing and Charlton aren't. It's an enjoyable experience & I can be home 2-3 minutes after the final whistle.
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  • The mighty Wings for me, go a few times a season and see quite a few Charlton peeps there.

    Always follow their news in the local press.
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    If you wait until the second half you can usually get in for free. :-)

    Bromley is my nearest team, never really followed them but I know some of their fans who follow them home and away. I keep an eye out for their results and hope they do well, conference football would be a massive achievement. I'm reading the Bromley Boys book at the moment which was about a teenager following them in the 69/70 season.

    Also went to a few Lancaster games when I was at uni, they played at the Giant Axe and with the student discount they practically paid you to go! In 2006/2007 season we thought we had a bad season, they finished with 1 point and suffered a double relegation (they had to reform the club and started at the highest league you can enter) ! The Uni team beat them in a friendly as well, and I think a few of their players ended up playing for the Dolly Blues (they're not good at naming things up there) for free, maybe even paying for the privileged.
  • Millwall are probably the nearest non league team to me...

    In fairness, its either Fisher or Dulwich that are nearest to me. Dont have any interest in either really.
  • It's Welling for me, absolutely detest Dartford, Maidstone, Dover and Boston United.

    Somehow ended up being Chairman of the Welling Supporters Club back in the 90's, until I got banned !!!!

    Still watch them occassionally and in fact considering going to Braintree tomorrow.

    The funniest thing was going to a match vs Grays in the Trophey about 4-5 years ago and seeing about 20 Addicks there including AFKA ... Oh what fun
  • [cite]Posted By: Riscardo[/cite]Somehow ended up being Chairman of the Welling Supporters Club back in the 90's, until I got banned !!!!

    When you were 17?
  • Imortal Albufeira for me. I go to all the home games and a few away, work permitting (Mrs Algarve is very understanding, and lets me sneak away most Saturdays). 15 minutes walk to the ground, buy a raffle ticket to get in (the prize at the last home game was a live chicken...). You can have a beer while watching the game, and the OB seem to turn a blind eye if you want to smoke - very civilised.

    Currently second in Algarve league div 2, and through to the Algarve cup semi finals.

    And they play in red and white, so don't even need a new scarf...
  • Maidstone united - follow results would like go to matches but not drivin to sittingbourne to watch erm!!

    If and when they move back to Maidstone I will go to every game I can - ie when it doesn't clash with home or local away Charlton matches
  • Obviously The Stones for me. Been living down here since I was 10 so spent much of my yoof following them but only seen them a couple of times since they left town.
  • I live about 10 minutes from Sutton United's ground, both Tooting and Mitcham and Carshalton Athletic are reasonably close too, my old man goes to watch Walton and Hersham and has dragged me along a couple of times! Nice to see there are a few Addicks in the Sutton/Carshalton area, all I ever see are Chelsea johnny come latelys in the area!
  • oi oi pilchard must be near me then mate.

    Carshalton and Tooting both about 5 minutes away from me
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  • We have probably passed in the street Ledge! We are the Surrey exiles!!!
  • The beginning of the Surrey Supporters branch...;-)
  • welling / Erith and Belevedere for me, or thamesmead town not sure if crayford has a 'league team' maybe slade green if there still going. the brother in laws brother Alan Silince has played for most of those teams over the years.
  • Welling, have been a couple of times, but go to AFC Wimbledon a few times a season (founding chairman is a mate of mine, bought shares in them).

    Greenwich Borough is probably nearer, if they're still going.
  • [cite]Posted By: InspectorSands[/cite]Greenwich Borough

    they still owned by Tamar Hussian the 'coughs' Hollywood action star...
  • Ebbsfleet nearest, then Dartford, been once to both, used to go to Welling a fair bit back in the 80's & 90's, went to Gillingham when they played them in the FA cup and at home to Blackburn in the cup
  • Good thread.

    Before moving to the States, I never really got into a local team to be honest. I used to go to Welling a lot, and Bromley FC, Dulwich occasionally, then Hornchurch sometimes when I lived over that way but Charlton filled my every football void sadly.

    However in Chicago I got into the Chicago Fire in the MLS and now in Bermuda I'm determined to see a bit of the Bermuda Hogges this summer, season starts around end of April.

    But, since being away my parents moved to Eastbourne and I have become very attached to the Borough and actually find myself following their results. They have had a great couple of seasons and are certainly going to stay in the Conference after their first ever season.
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    Gravesend & Northfleet (Ebbsfleet) is where i used to go occasionaly over a period of 40 yrs or so.
    When they put the entrance up to £13 for a League match, a couple of years ago, i was deterred.
    Then i moved close to Maidstone and would like to watch them when the fancy takes me. But as you will know, they have no ground at the moment and play in S(h)ittingbourne.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: The Equaliser[/cite]The beginning of the Surrey Supporters branch...;-)[/quote]

    Good Idea! ;o)
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    Nearest for me is Altrincham in the Blue Square Premier- seen them once this season ( v Wrexham who tool about 1000 fans with them) and will go to a couple more. Nice little town. Yes I always read their match reports in the local rag and look out for their results on SSN.

    They are doing good by their standards and will stay in the division on their own merits this time and not through some other teams shortcomings.

    (Alti have been relegated for the past three seasons but granted a reprieve each time after Boston, Scarborough and Halifax were either demoted or ceased to exist)
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